The Definitely Filipino Regional Coordinator (DFRC) is a volunteer position and shall act as Definitely Filipino’s contact window at the geographical region he or she physically resides.  The DFRC’s main purpose is to represent Definitely Filipino in local events, as the ‘face’ of Definitely Filipino, to serve as Definitely Filipino’s physical presence and to help the local Filipino community in any cultural, educational event, and any emergency by:

  1. Helping coordinate these local events using Definitely Filipino’s network, currently the Facebook Page, the Blog and Twitter account.
  2. Physically appearing at any event as may permit, and as requested by the local community as the Definitely Filipino representative.
  3. Communicating with the rest of the Definitely Filipino Admins and Moderators any issue or event that will need global attention.



Philippines – Luzon (Including Metro Manila)
Regional Managers: Mod-Lani & Mod-Kay

  • Michael T. – [email protected]om
  • Rhanchel M. – [email protected]
  • James H. – [email protected]

Philippines – Visayas and Mindanao
Regional Manager: Mod-Karlo

  • Rhea T. – [email protected]
  • Paula B. – [email protected]

Middle East
Regional Manager: Mod-Ayen

  • Morres G. (KSA) – [email protected]m
  • Dan F.  (KSA) – [email protected]
  • Edwin P. (Qatar) –  [email protected]
  • Gerald B. (Qatar) – [email protected]m
  • Regina T. (UAE) [email protected]

Regional Manager: Mod-Mirr

  • Janice V. (UK) – [email protected]m

Asia and Australia
Regional Manager: Admin-Farah

  • Pas P.  (Japan) – [email protected]
  • Jelmarven T. (Singapore) – [email protected]

USA (East & Central) & Canada
Regional Manager: Mod-Joyce

  • Arlene P. (Toronto) – [email protected]m
  • Angely D. (Texas) – [email protected]m

USA (Southern California)
Regional Managers: Admin-Betty & Mod-Ses

  • Aby D. (Southern California) – [email protected]

USA (West and Northern California)
Regional Managers: Admin-Ben & Admin-Gel

  • Rico F. (SF Bay Area) – [email protected]
  • RC O. – (Central Valley) – [email protected]

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