Consocep Mountain Resort/Falls

Mt. Isarog, Southern Luzon’s highest forested peak, is a stratovolcano which is 1, 966 meters above sea level and located in Camarines Sur, Philippines. The mountain spreads out within Naga City and six municipalities namely Tinambac, Calabanga, Tigaon, Pili, Goa and Ocampo. (see Mt. Isarog National Park)

Mt. Isarog National Park actually caters for adventure junkie, environmentalist or just anybody who wants to enjoy the environment with luscious forest, wild life, beautiful scenery of natural falls and springs.

Mt. Isarog is actually a favorite destination of mountain hikers and trekkers or environmental folks for it has both the offering for thrill seekers and science studies for the different floras and faunas that can be found within the mountain.

My friends and I during high school frequented the Malabsay Falls which is very accessible since it’s only  a few minutes jeepney ride from downtown Naga City and about an hour walk to reach the falls. I’ve been there quite so many times even during my college days just for the mere fun of hiking.

The last time I went there has been a long time ago and the last time I went mountain hiking was December of 2008 in Tarlac for my previous company’s outreach program that’s why when Ateneo Eagles, Inc. an environmental organization decided to have a Nature Trip & Clean-up Drive and chose Consocep I was actually hesitant at first.

Consocep is a barangay in the town of Tigaon, Camarines Sur hence the name Consocep Mountain Resort. I’ve been there quite a few times too and I must say it’s always been a difficult hike for me compare to Malabsay, Nabuntulan and other falls. There’s actually a pavement but what makes it difficult for me I guess is its steepness. But then I always come back and give it a go because of the waterfalls.

You need to have your own service vehicle or you can rent
a jeepney, van or taxi going back and forth and this is the drop-off and pick-up point.
The Entrance Fee is only PHP 15.00 per person.
The hike is composed of minutes of walking up and down of these narrow almost 2000 steps.
Kawa-Kawa Falls is the easiest to reach. Most of the hike was downhill that you’ll be adoring it soon enough without breaking a sweat.
Kawa-Kawa is derived from kawali or wok because of its shape.
This is also the best spot to conduct group activities
and picnics for the whole group or even families with little kids.

It is just sad that with all the good things nature is giving to us some people just don’t care about nature and doing more harm than good to the environment. We found all these trash all over the place despite the fact that there are available sacks just around the corner that serves as garbage bags or trash cans.

After the group activity and lunch we head on to the next falls and we passed by this stone marking along with the tree house…

Climb at your own risk: The tree house is still fine but you have to decide
whether you can handle going up  unstable stairs with missing steps.

Bulalacao Falls: Bulalacao means shooting star.
The falls was called “bulalacao” because of  the great impact and rapid fall of its water.

After swimming for a while off we go to the 3rd falls… Tumaguiti Falls is actually my favorite among the three because of the amazing view composed of trees, leaves and beautiful rock formation.
Tumaguiti or taguiti is the bicol term for drizzle
and truly the water coming from the  falls are like droplets of rain.
We went back quarter to 4:00 in the afternoon just right on time for our service
and this is my last view from outside the Consocep Mountain Resort.

There are actually a lot of things Camarines Sur or Bicol in general has to offer not just wakeboarding or CWC (Camarines Sur Watersports Complex.) I know I sounded like a travel ad there but well I’m just saying the truth and if you’re a nature lover I’m pretty sure Mt. Isarog won’t fail you.

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