Consequence of Being a Last Woman

Polygamous Man (Photo Credit: Nzconservative.blogspot)
Polygamous Man (Photo Credit: Nzconservative.blogspot)


Polygamous Man   (Photo Credit:    Nzconservative.blogspot)
Polygamous Man (Photo Credit: Nzconservative.blogspot)

Iyan ang mga katagang kadalasan ay maririnig mula sa mga lalaking nagpapahiwatig ng pagmamahal sa isang babae. Ngunit paano na lang kung ikaw nga ang last ngunit sa kanyang nakaraan ay hindi mo mababago na siya ay may mga anak na sa mga naunang karelasyon?

‘Ika nga, lahat puro panganay dahil ang mga anak niya ay mula sa iba’t ibang babae.

The situation above really happens in reality. In fact, I am one of those…let me share my story…

I married a man with a long histories regarding his love life. It caught me by surprise…the family didn’t expect it either while we were living together. His past followed him, his 15-year old daughter from his first woman came and asked him to acknowledge her as his child. I thought it was just all right,  but it’s  different when reality sets in.

The hatred and jealousy surfaced in these scenarios.

At first, he asked his daughter to accompany him for malling to buy her some thing. I thought he would also let our eldest son go with them which he used to do when he goes out, but I kind of felt down when he told our son to just stay with me. I felt anger! For just a matter of two hours being with her daughter, he already neglected his son!! I wanted to throw things at him! Gusto kong magwala. That’s what I was afraid of.

Next,  her daughter shared with us that her step father had already died.  With that, I could feel that her daughter still wanted his father back in her mother’s arm . I’m not sure  if I am just being paranoid. What I know is I felt so jealous!

From that moment on,  I started to put gap between me and my husband. It hurts but I have to. I have to put limitations because I know his past will always be with us. And I don’t know if this past will make our relationship strong or worse, destroyed.  So if it happens it is already good that I have reserved some   love for myself.

Now I know the consequences of choosing to be the last woman of a man. It is not easy.

author:  maricel


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