Marriage: Not Just Between a Man and a Woman?

August 15, 2010 Gel Santos Relos 1

A federal judge just turned on the green light for same sex couples to get married in California, saying the ban on same sex marriage that majority of California voters ratified was unconstitutional. Click the link below and based on the points raised by both sides —( kasama na ang mga komento ng ating mga kababayan na pabor o tutol dito), respectfully convince our readers why you think the judge made the right decision in allowing same sex couples to marry, OR why you think marriage is, and should always be between a man and a woman.

5 Profitable Online Business Filipinos Can Do at Home

August 15, 2010 Co Marc 7

Find Out how today’s Modern Filipinos take advantage of the internet. Learn about Online/Home based Jobs Filipinos are into right now. Find out how Filipinos Bloggers Make money, One Position Pays Min $400/month. Read all about it here.

Metro Manila Taxis are Just a Phone Call Away.

August 8, 2010 Co Marc 3

Early in the morning, very late at night, during the rush hours, during storms, or just any time you need to get from one place to another… Know What number to call to get a quick taxi Service on your location. Read Here.

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