Ang Tatay Ko

June 9, 2017 Joy Rebanal-Laygo 0

  Ang Tatay ko, suplado pero magaling magluto, maglaba at magplantsa. Kahit noong buhay pa ang nanay ko, Tatay ko na ang nakagisnan kong gumagawa […]

#Happy Lang

April 19, 2017 loidabauto 0

I was diagnosed with AVM of the brain (Arteriovenous Malformation) at the age of 21, suffered two major strokes in August 2013, had two major […]


February 8, 2017 vernonvelasco 0

So much like almost infanticipating, she would, as a matter of habit, crave for something, most often at such ungodly hours. And like fawning sycophant […]


January 18, 2017 vernonvelasco 0

  If I were a girl, a bouquet of flowers would never be in my Valentine wishlist. I mean, seriously, what would I do with […]

Unwavering Dreams

January 8, 2017 injiru_tenshi 0

My thoughts are always about going out to travel and explore nature more. I don’t know why, but nature always have this attracting sensation that […]

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