May 1, 2017 Nomatterwhat143 0

Sa bawat patak ng mga luha bumubuhos ang ulan at sa daloy tayo ay nagpapatuloy. Dahil hindi tumitigil ang ikot ng mundo gaya ng hindi […]

Huling Hinga ng EDSA

February 25, 2017 IsangMamamayan 0

EDSA – ang pulitikang umusbong mula sa kalsadang ito’y tulad ng trapik na patuloy nating dinaranas araw-araw; trapik na mula sa sandamukal na sasakyang pribadong […]

Trillanes and Lascanas

February 25, 2017 danmeljim 0

In Lascanas’ much ballyhooed saintly turn around and mea culpa, Trillanes’ hand is more than apparent, it is the one pulling the strings. In the […]

On the EDSA Spirit

February 25, 2017 danmeljim 0

An open letter to the Filipino people on the EDSA spirit: No, I am not Socrates Villegas who is writing to the dead Cardinal Sin. […]

Delimic Complex

November 11, 2016 kenmikaze 0

We call a woman, imeldific, if she’s ostentatiously extravagant. In the light of the extraordinary things that a certain senator who is keen in using […]

Beatitudes of a Leader

October 28, 2016 reachhard 0

According to Peter Drucker, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. Manager and leader are two completely different roles, although we often use the […]

Ikaw ‘Yan, Bes

October 26, 2016 Annamaria Alba 0

Just last week, the President declared his “separation” from the United States. He has dissed the country that has helped us for so long and […]

Tomorrow’s Pride

September 11, 2016 Nicka Madelo 0

That famous line, “the youth is the hope of our nation” would probably be a quick-off-the-mark answer on why we should acknowledge and entail the […]

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