Casiguran Lass Athena Imperial WINS Miss Philippines Earth 2011!

Miss Philippines Earth 2011 Athena Imperial with blog author Joyce Burton Titular

Well, Athena Imperial, 2011 is YOUR YEAR! So much for fretting over your height and worrying about being the ‘shortest’ of the Top 10!! Congratulations for defying the odds and giving so many not-so-tall-beauties out there hope that they too can become beauty queens one day. While I belong to the tall girls category, I think it’s not fair that we get extra Brownie Points for something we did not work hard for.

So, now I guess your researcher job at GMA7 has been iced with your AMAZING VICTORY at the Miss Philippines Earth 2011! Strange though that your victory was witnesses on ABS-CBN 2, the enemy camp. Your bosses should have seen your potential and given you an on-cam job BEFORE your won Miss Philippines Earth 2011. Doesn’t that just make your victory even more deliciously SWEETER?

Life will never be the same again now that you have a beauty queen crown on your brainy head. Nice to know too, that Miss Philippines Earth is sticking to it’s tradition of choosing winners who are not only beau-ti-FULLL! But also sharp in the IQ department!

You really are a beautiful thing Athena Imperial and as I mentioned in my previous post, even your name is so beauty-queen-like  deserving ka talaga! I am doubly proud too because you are an acquaintance of mine.

Congratulations Athena Imperial for surpassing even your own expectations – and going far beyond what you achieved in Mutya ng Pilipinas 2009 where you came in as a semi-finalist. Thank God you didn’t let that stop you from joining another pageant. I know that you did not get any special awards, not even a minor one, in the pre-pageant events of Miss Philippines Earth 2011 tilt and that must have been very unsettling. Maybe you thought that that meant you didn’t even have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. But you won and all I can say is WOW, GALING!

I know that this victory is VERY VERRRRY sweet for you because you were so concerned about not being tall enough for international competition and I know that you DID NOT expect to win because of that. At least that’s the impression I got when we chatted for awhile during the Press Presentation of the Top 10 at Seventh High. But, Athena Imperial, you better believe it, you are Goddess of the Earth… you ARE Miss Philippines Earth 2011!!! Stand tall and be proud of it!

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