Burj Khalifa-Tallest Building in the World

It’s just a hundred Dirhams, pay it and you’ll see Dubai at the top. Entrance is at the splendid Dubai mall. There is a long queue even if you get a reservation early. Wait in line also in the lifts (lots of tourist in Dubai these days!).

There are only 2 elevators but they open every 5minutes so no big deal waiting besides you’ll get entertained by the interior decorations all over the building corridors and passages.

The inside of the elevator looks like a disco house, so if you have not gone for disco for some time be happy to ride up while the tiny dancing lights ran across the walls up and down like in casinos. Inside the lifts, you’ll feel the pressure in your ears while the platform slowly rises or should I say “shoot-up” till the viewing floor of the building.

The hotel staffs and the awesome view both welcome you at the time the elevator doors open. Don’t worry coz your feet will automatically carry you towards the windows while your eyes are glued tothe shimmering view below. Better to go in the evening. The buildings and roads looks like golds splattered in the ground. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. Near the open walls, the wind is so strong it drives your hair forming a new punk hairstyle.

If you prefer the quiet, you can choose to remain inside the closed glass walls and enjoy the view all the same. You just stand there among all the tourist people and share your ooohs and aaahs together. Dubai is full of lights in the evening, the city is not sleeping unlike most of us are assuming, its pulsing with life, you can observe that from thetop of burj khalifa!

The exit corridors have sophisticated designs. They also have a showcase that tells the history of how they built the tower together with pictures of people that took part in the construction stage (more like ambassadors, hehehe!) There are videos and pictures and scale models of the tower.

The interior design is black and white and silver and granites and glasses and more silver claddings. Everything’s smelling so expensive, really.

It’s a dream come true for Sheikh Maktoum, the pattern is there…you dream it…. then you plan it…. you act on it…. then you have it!

Mabruk, Burj Khalifa!!!

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