All of a sudden I realized, I’m not getting any younger and I need to earn to save as well as for me to help those in need. So then I started to think of what to do first. I thought cleaning the fridge would help. Confuse, why? How? I can sell ice bags and juices with the fridge, right? 🙂

I begin making some bubbles to scrub and clean the appliance. For a while all that’s on my thought was to clean it through. But suddenly when I started removing all the soap and bubbles I realized…

Washing’s like doing something wrong, making sin. Why? It’s easy to mess everything with the bubbles and scrub it out. However, it’s a lot harder to clean all the mess and remove all the bubbles around…

To do wrong once is easy, but to go back clean and pure was another big thing to deal with. It’s like breaking a plate and trying to fix it as if nothing happened.

But haven’t you once tried to give it some time to think over? Aren’t we humans so lucky it’s not the case for us? Because we have One mighty creator that has all the patience in the world for us and One great savior whom all have ever asked was for us to obey? That only thing that He’ve ever asked, that only thing that can easily clean all the bubbles? That only thing that if we do will fix our broken pieces?

For some, it might be difficult to understand but I felt so lucky to have given the chance to have thoughts of it. I feel so loved. Thanks be to God. To God be the glory!


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