Blind or Simply Not Looking?

Blind (Photo Credit: Talesofthegenerallyinteresting.blogspot)
Blind (Photo Credit: Talesofthegenerallyinteresting.blogspot)
Blind   (Photo Credit:  Talesofthegenerallyinteresting.blogspot)
Blind (Photo Credit: Talesofthegenerallyinteresting.blogspot)

The baffling nature of the future for me without noticing it is, when you get to it, it’s now. Forty one years ago I’m just a baby. Where did all those years go? How did I get from a frail stage to a teen strong body at one point, to my 20’s, 30’s, and now to my present bodily condition so quick? ( together with my understanding ) Did I not see all those seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years that had passed by or did i just let it pass through me and miss to cherish every single moment of it? ( or at least savored the happy occasions ) That’s how fast it went?

The time I could barely remember are the ones I know I’m not having inner growth. Because often times it is when the disguise of the wrong things that touches me and reminded me to grow. Seems like the unfairness of it makes it all fair in the name of growth. At the same time the wrong behavior I have given to others took me to the same conditions that nudged me to make adjustments on how I should respect my self and others.

For some it is difficult to see the message of it, others have increased their sensitivity in abiding on it. Either way, whether you look at it or look away from it, it will be the recurring theme of our life.

Playing blind without care or looking at it from within? From the time you have read the title of this post to the last word you will be reading that registers in your thought is a time spent. The choice is ours to make, and the time is also ticking. 🙂

author:  Dark Knight (R.F.)


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