Becoming the Pearl

How pearls came to be (Photo Credit:
How pearls came to be (Photo Credit:
How pearls came to be (Photo Credit:

Do you know how a pearl becomes the pearl?

Pearl takes a lot of years to become one.  The grimes and dirt of the sea are the main components to make it luster.  The darker the color of the pearl means much more grime and dirt; and believe it or not, it has much higher value in the market and many gem collectors treasure this the most because of its uniqueness.

The metamorphosis of each pearl is the same with our lives, especially when people, with much envy and greed in their hearts, hammer, blunder us with much spite and hate though we have not done anything wrong to them.   These people leave us with marred marks in our lives. marks that they see as their victory over us…we become bruised.  These bruises may be their trophies, but for the people whom they hurt and bruise, it is more than those…


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