Babae sa bintana

It’s Halloween, and costumes and horror stories abound.  Allow me to indulge you in one more story that you can also participate in!

In November of 2003, I spent the weekend in Baguio City with some friends from Manila.  We stayed in a vacation house that was kindly leased to us.  I had a Nokia 7650 at that time and I took quite a number of photos with it.  Needless to say, we were all excited to show off photos of our trip when we returned to Manila.

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One photo stood out from the rest.  As we were showing the house where we stayed, somebody asked who that was on the second floor.  We were confused, because nobody stays at that floor, as the caretaker has mentioned to us when we moved in the first day.  But there she was indeed, our Babae sa bintana, staring out at us!

I posted this finding on my blog, and soon after fellow blogger Tanggero shared this spine-tingling story about the same photo.  I have copied his post here for your convenience:

Last night, I was reading Watson’s archives and one entry scared the hell out of me. Actually, I can not be easily affected by some paranormal stories or pictures, not because I do not believe in them, but for me ‘to see is to believe’.  At first, it was just a normal reading, I read his entry and click on the photo to see what he was referring to, without expecting anything. And I was right, I did not see anything. And then…
Wife: Ano binabasa mo? (coming from my back)
Me: Baguio vacation house, may multo daw.
Wife: San? (tingin sa monitor)
Me: Tignan mo, wala akong makita eh.
Me: (kinilabutan)Ha! nakita mo, bat di ko makita?
Wife: Alin? yung nakadungaw?
Me: Oo, yan daw yung multo! Eh bat di ko makita? (tumayo ang buhok sa tyan at batok)
Wife: (takbo sa kama) Wahh! wag mo ko tinatakot ng ganyan! (kinilabutan na rin) Meron naman talagang nakadungaw sa bintana eh.
Me: Di ko nga makita, ikaw nakita mo agad. Ibig sabihin, madali kang makakita ng multo, Awoooooo! (Nagbiro na lang ako para di halatang natakot, hehehe. Pero kinilabutan talaga ako dun ha.)

This story never fails to give me goosebumps whenever I remember it.  I have attached the photo with this post.  What about you?  Do you see the mysterious babae sa bintana?

(The original article is in my blog, and here is Tanggero’s discovery! [or not?])

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