Ang Putak ng Anak ng Puta

September 9, 2013 Ms. Mike Portes 0

Napapanahon na naman sigurong ipaalala ang madalas makalimutan. Ang inyong mababasa ay isang komento at tugon sa artikulong  “Minsan May Isang Puta” .   ******** Isang komento […]


May 8, 2011 Ms. Mike Portes 10

Mother’s day 2011 started out as a breezy summer morning that turned out to be a rainy afternoon by 1500H but that didn’t deter me […]

Flying High

October 23, 2010 Ms. Mike Portes 1

It took three episodes of my life to beckon to the calling. At 10 years old, my aunt filled me with glamour stories of the […]

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