Ako ang Bida ng Aking Buhay

Pocketbooks (Photo Credit: Talkingnotes.wordpress)
Pocketbooks (Photo Credit: Talkingnotes.wordpress)

From elementary until high school, I enjoyed reading novels. It has become my hobby already. And I found out that it’s not only me who became fond of reading.

Pocketbooks  (Photo Credit:   Talkingnotes.wordpress)
Pocketbooks (Photo Credit: Talkingnotes.wordpress)

Why are those people, myself included,  addicted to it?

It is because, nadadala tayo sa mga nangyayari sa ating nababasa. We put ourselves on what we are reading.  As if we are watching a movie, and the only difference is we read the content and we are the ones putting life into it.  If we can’t put life on the story,then it is sad , we won’t be able to appreciate it.

We can be the “bida” or the “kontrabida” of what we read. Regardless of  how thick the pocketbook is, whether it came from any publishing like “Precious Heart Romances, Circle of Love, etc.. as long as it  captures our interests, by reading even just the epilogue for a start, we can already perceive what the ending will be or what the story all about. Then we want it to go deeper into what happened in the lives of the characters so we decide to read it from chapter 1 until the last chapter.

Reading makes my mood light and bright. As I reflect , in every life we take there are ups and downs which in the end, tayo pa rin ang bida; if only we can conquer the problems which comes with living.

Like the “bida” in the novels, they underwent a lot of sacrifices, but they never loses hope. They night end up broken into pieces, but afterwards they are able to stand with dignity and eventually become proud of themselves.

This made me realize that we, ourselves are the bida of our own lives. Take it or leave it. If we will not counteract the negative things, then we can become the “kontrabida” which destroys our own selves or fall unto the wrong way.

Don’t be a “kontrabida” to yourselves, be a “bida” always for a merrier life.

author:  maricel



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