Agony of A Married Life

I can still remember when I was still young at the age of 21, I entertained countless admirers, hanged out with my friends and bought any thing I want. All these things changed when I got married to a man who is strict yet responsible, loving and really accommodates my needs and wants. We hang out together with our common friends also, we went to any places and when he reached home from work, there is this “excitement” when we see each other. Our love seems like a burst of fire. I even tell others that they are wrong in their opinion that it is hard if you will get married because you cannot do any thing you like.

Things went smoothly within 2 years of living together. I can’t hardly recall if we had misunderstanding because there are really more happy times than sad times. I cannot ask anything from him.

Suddenly, when I gave birth to our first baby, I asked myself for the first time “Am I blessed with this man or not?” Yes, he did not change in terms of being responsible especially when it comes to financial matter but when it comes for his time for us, I am quietly sad about it. Every time he is at home, his friends are excited also to talk to him and ask him to hang out.

Whew! So there he is… asking permission from me. Regardless if I say yes or no, it won’t really matter to him as long as he told me where he was going. So as his wife, I was left alone taking care of my kid.

 The same agony occurred even we had 2 kids already. I guess I was not a good wife for him since it became worst. He would now go home drunk and leave very early for the next day.

 Now I could say, it is just a start of a real married life accompanied with sweet and bitter experiences. I cannot turn the clock back and choose somebody else instead. With PRAYER and constant communication, I know I can stand the fate I have chosen.

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