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Lesbian Love (Photo Credit Depositphotos)
Lesbian Love (Photo Credit Depositphotos)
Lesbian  Love   (Photo Credit      Depositphotos)
Lesbian Love (Photo Credit Depositphotos)

My marriage to Dennis has been shaky lately. The 10 years of marriage have been taking a toll on us. All our activities were routinary. There was no fervor or excitement anymore. Each day was just any other day. Nothing remarkable. As I look back through the years. I remember being one of the good-looking girls in the university and a smart one at that. I was always the class muse. They loved me for my dark, soulful eyes, my little girl pout, and my hour-glass figure. But many girls were still envious of me especially when I caught the attention of one of the hotshots in school.

My husband Dennis. He looks like a Greek god. Angelic face, well chiseled body. He is also rich and popular.

“Aubrey, you are so lucky to have him.”

That is what I usually hear from people. After graduation, he proposed to me, and we were married 6 months later. He comes from a rich family. Our wedding was extravagant, We flew to Paris, Italy and London for our honeymoon.

But there were trade offs. He told me I didn’t have to work. I should give up my career and just take care of him. Life has always been an adventure for him. He was active in sports and we are always traveling the world. He is the typical rich kid. He didn’t have to work that hard but he can still have an outrageous lifestyle. Another thing, I discovered that he can not make me pregnant because of his low sperm count. Oh, we can’t have it all.

Through the years, sex with my husband has always been good.We always have the hots for each other. But now its different. He is always going out with his buddies. Going in and out of clubs. Checking out scantily clothed women. He wanted more of the excitement that whores can give him. He wanted to give in to his sexual fantasies with other women.

All these time, I ask my  friend Courtney to accompany me during the times my husband is away. Courtney, my BFF. We are always there for each other. We help each other through difficult times. I know her. I could count on her for just about anything.

Flashback:  There was a time when she was all alone in their house because her husband went to a business trip. Courtney called me and said to me to come over her house, so that we can both entertain ourselves, and comfort each other. She said she found a solution to our problems.  She was also longing for her husband but is always away. So I came over. I was longing for some company too.

We shared some alcoholic drinks then Courtney, a brunette with curly hair, asked me what I thought about her going braless. She was wearing this satin blouse that emphasized her deep cleavage and creamy white skin. I could see through her blouse I told her she looked good. She suggested that I also try it. This experience was something new to me, but since I was greatly influenced by the liquor. I didn’t refuse. Next thing I knew we were both naked and caressing each other’s bodies. We were both stunned to what we just did, but we knew we gave each other relief for our desires.

Our husbands weren’t able to fulfill it. We smiled at each other, and just rested for a while. We gave each other hints that we might want to try it next time, and left her house.

I don’t know what will happen to us after our encounters. We didn’t know that there was this spark between us, suggesting some queer love. Whatever it is, it is definitely therapeutic and it can fill the deep void we have in our lives.

author:   mariands


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