A Walk to Remember

Walking together (Photo credit: flickriver)
Walking together (Photo credit: flickriver)
Walking together (Photo credit: flickriver)
Walking together (Photo credit: flickriver)

She was worried when all of a sudden she didn’t receive any messages from him. He used to call her from the time he wakes up till they sleep, and while at work he would insert breaks just for her.

That day was different. He was silent. She tried calling him and after several attempts, her call was received. It was him.

“Where are you?” she asked him.

“Sorry, I fell asleep, am not feeling well”, he answered. “I’m at our barracks” he continued.

She became worried. It has been days that he’s been complaining about his health. He just can’t rest because he loves his work that much to hand his responsibilities to others.

She knew he’s not in good shape.

“Go, see a doctor,” she told him.

“I’m afraid, I might be confined to a hospital and no one will be there for me”, his reply.

“Then go home”, she suggested.

“Are you sure you want me to go home?”, he asked her.

“Yes, I love you that much, that even it will hurt me, it’s a must.”, came her reply.

And he did. They talked about meeting her at the city before going home to his family. He traveled that night, constantly updating her of his whereabouts until they decided to sleep.

She woke up early that day. She almost overslept. Seeing the time, she immediately called him. They agreed to meet at the church where it all started.

“Let’s hear mass together”, she said to him.

Without hesitations, he said yes.

She saw him with standing near the cathedral in his brown shorts, blue shirt, a rubber shoes, with a blue cap, and a knapsack. Seeing her, he smiled. She wanted to run to him and hug him tightly, but she knew she can’t. They entered the church together. The mass is already on its halfway.. She felt extremely happy being with him. Sitting so close, she held his hand, squeezed it tight. She wanted to let him feel her longing for him. It was so important for her to do so. He will be going home to his wife.

Yes, she loved him, but he is married. She asked him to go to church with her because she wanted to feel how it is to be with him.

As they went out of the church, he hugged her and kissed her on the lips. Sin it may be… She knew God will not forsake them. She still wanted to feel God’s great love despite  the circumstances.

They walk along together. It’s as if walking in the clouds with him.

“I can still remember the way you walk when we were still teens”, she told him.

“How is that?” he asked her.

“You are fond of kicking stones. whenever we walk side by side. Now, I feel the air of confidence in you”, she told him.

He just smiled. And she looked at him. “God, I love this man… before and till now”. She wanted to cry out loud. But she kept silent.

She didn’t mind who could see them. She recalled the lines in the film “A walk to remember”, and she almost chuckled.

Jamie: People can see.
Landon: And that would ruin your reputation now?

“What?” he asked her.

“Nothing”, she answered.

They parted ways after that.

And now; as she is walking side by side again with him, she can’t control her tears.

She held on tightly to the body of the car carrying his remains. She wanted to shout. She wanted to believe it was not him. But she knew in her heart it is goodbye forever.

She is walking with him to his last journey. The journey which will be forever etched in her mind and heart, a journey to his grave…

author: jessa maria


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