A Stand Against Over-Populated Philippines (RH-bill)

Too many children?

 I was on my way going to work, when I’ve met hundreds of individual wearing red shirts with red paint stripes on their face, walking on line heading north bound to Edsa-Ortigas. Young and old alike, men and women, even nuns, and students, some were holding red banners with some writings on it, even heavy rainfall was against them, they proved that nothing can stop their way. But they caused heavy traffic at all. Then suddenly, I recalled that today was the religious rally of the Catholic Church against RH BILL; a currently trending topic whether or not  to pass it on congress as a solution of the abnormally increased in population of our country, which results in poverty.

 Ideas came into my mind, while seeing these people heading their way to their destination. Do this people; really know what they were doing?  Do they really know what they are fighting for? Maybe some, but I guess not all of them, for sure some had no choice at all, to do what they have told to do.

 Well, as a citizen, we have the right to express our feelings, we all live on a different walks of life, which influence us to have a different point of view, beliefs and idealism, about this hot topic of Reproductive Healthbill, whether or not, it is the right way  for us to lessen the problem about population explosion.

 Then, please allow me to express my feelings regarding this issue, and respect what I believe and point of view, I do believe in the existence of one Creator, I am a Catholic by faith but from this very point of time, I feel sorry for those whom will be affected by anything written on this article of mine, pardon me for saying this, I don’t think that the church had the right to object in this issue of Reproductive Health Billas a solution on Population Explosion, since they have done nothing at all, they proven themselves worthless in terms of educating the masses, on how to be responsible citizen, partner, and parent. If they have done their part well then how come that there are lots of individuals who don’t value life at all? There are tons who, molested someone and even killed others, there are parents who just let their children roam on streets and doing illegal acts. Is this how they depict human dignity and morality? The primary reason for this scenario is that they failed to educate and influence people about the value of lifeto live morally, they might have taught them but not whole-heartedly, it doesn’t reach their hearts, and now they are against the RH BILL, which they said “it doesn’t values life at all.”

 About this problem of population explosion, the church had done nothing to control it, instead they always said that no one has the right to control God given responsibility of man, to continue its breed; to populate, that we should not interfere with the Natural Law. But, the issue now is that our country had more population that it can hold. In this scenario, where is life dignity and integrity at all? When man can’t provide the needs of his big family. Is this what they think of a model family? They failed to educate man that we have given the right to populate the world in which we should do it responsibly.

 The government finds a way to combat population explosion, and they find a solution, and this solution is through education about REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH. According to the World health Organization, “Reproductive health addresses the reproductive processes, functions and system at all stages of life, it therefore implies that people are able to have a responsible, satisfying and safe sex lifeand that they have the capability to reproduce and freedom to decide if, when and how often to do so.

 In short Reproductive Health education doesn’t violates man’s freedom of choice, but it educates one to be a responsible partner, parent and reproductive individual at all.

 Reproductive health implies the use of natural and artificial birth controlmethods, like condoms and pills, withdrawal and calendar methodwere also among them, to inhibit unwanted pregnancy and some is to have a safer sex at all.

 I see the stand of the church, but first and foremost I will only say this once, “The church as a spiritual body must be the first one to act, to promote life’s dignity and value of life, thus Reproductive Health Education only serves as the second line if the church fails to do its part. But what role must the church do? They must act as an educator and reiterate in the minds of their followers and every individual that life is very important, that family is the smallest community of God; that sex is sacred and can only be done none other than by the couple who was blessed under the  sacrament of matrimony. But, again the church failed to play on this role; they failed on this most integral part of their job, the reason why we have a low quality of life, the cause of population explosion.

 Why the church is against REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH EDUCATION? Is it because of abortion? No!, it can be debated, and can be concluded to exclude in the RH BILL.  Are they afraid that children on their young ages will be aware on stuffs like sex? Ow! Come-on the children on our era already knew that kind of stuffs and I think they are even more knowledgeable than their grandparents. Out of curiosity children will learn this stuffs, and with this very same reason why even a 12 year old gal was a mother to her child, because they have no knowledge about it. They knew nothing about the implications of sex, because their parents failed to educate them properly, and the church failed to educate the families and to stand firm in teaching spirituality to their followers.

 In regards with curiosity, we can’t do anything about it; it is how we were created. But what can we do? We can educate these individuals about safe sex and responsible parenthood in –line of the church teachings about morality and spirituality.

 This can be done by doctors and priest alike, because they have one common goal, to improve the way of living, promote human life and establish a well dignified individual.

 Again, what the church can do is to focus on the spiritual aspects, they should cultivate the minds of every people to become a responsible reproductive individual, and being a good parent is the first responsibility of an individual to his family, that a knowledge about family planning is more humanely in nature than to let their children  roam the streets, with no food to eat, nor shelter to live and proper education to promote life’s dignity, and somehow this little children will learn to  act like a theft, a threat to the society, and in worst case scenario is to kill others or be killed because of poverty.

 In recent scenario, I think it is a wrong move from the spiritual leaders to bring it out on streets taking up rally, voicing out, and giving threats to government officials about the upcoming election. The wise move of a pious man must take place on their churches, by preaching what is morally right in accordance with the teaching of the church.

 Life is very important, to create life is as easy as 1-2-3, but to have a life filled with dignity is a lifetime responsibility. If we can’t provide someone a good life from the start, then please hesitate to create one. This is where Reproductive Health Teaching take its role, when an individual can’t deny the call of  duty as a reproductive person, therefore this man should be taught on how to be a responsible one.

 For me, It is a more noble life to live with a sense of responsibility as well as knowledge on complicated things about Reproductive Health, than to live on what the church believes to be in a natural way of living, that man should not interfere with the natural law of life and death, even if we can do something about it.

As time goes by, the world wherein we’re living will continue to innovate, new inventions will be created and new discoveries will be found to extend life to its fullest, plus the recent problem of abnormal increase in population, somehow,  over population will roam the world, since resources are only limited, people will kill each other to survive, dead bodies will roam the streets, mal-nutrition is in the corner of every house. It is on our generations hand lays the solution not on HIM, for HE created us perfectly knowingly that we will find solutions to our problems in a modest way, and the only way I think would be probable is by means of controlling it thru proper education of the masses regarding reproductive health.

 I guess it is the time for the church to accept the fact that knowledge about Reproductive Health is a must in today’s living, in that sense the church shall still continue its role as a spiritual leader in-order for the masses not to fall into mis-understanding about Reproductive Health as well as a guide for it not to be abused, in that sense, the church counters the bad effect of the RH Bill, but lastly… let the people decide!  

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