A Sibling That God Forgot To Give Us

Friends (Photo credit: 123rf)
Friends (Photo credit: 123rf)
Friends    (Photo credit:     123rf)
Friends (Photo credit: 123rf)

Every day, when I wake up, the ray from the sun is my first light, and I can see the dusts through it lurking in the air in my room. But that’s not the issue. My first thought was all about me, that I can still wake up and I can start a new day with an opportunity ahead.

I am now starting my second year in college; guess what, I’m in my hated routine, studying. But then, I was thankful that with this I can be the best that I want to be. Well, before I had this perception, I am a person you don’t want to be with, you kinda neglect, I’m a pessimistic jerk, I give meaning in everything that is happening to me, around me, and I kinda afraid to take a chance to every opportunity that life is offering me. But we know that someone will help us to change, a change that may help you to have faith in yourself, just then, I met my angels.

My friends, Theresa, Camilla and I was walking on the street to have a lunch, we were so hungry that we just want to have something for our growling stomach. The fast-food chain near our school was full and as usual the queue is long, so we just decided to eat in a fine-dine cafe restaurant. Though most of its beverages are expensive, a pie may satisfy our hunger with a fruit juice. We had a chit-chat while and after we eat; we just talk about school and of course teenagers’ favorite topic, love life. I don’t have a boyfriend so I’m just enjoying myself on listening to their stories.

But then, my eyes met a beautiful piano, someone taught me to play a piece, but that’s the only melody I know. The piano attracts me, you know, I just can’t stop staring at it, maybe because I have an urge to play just that piece I know, well I kinda miss to play it so, maybe that’s the reason. I’m a music lover so I am really excited that someone will perform and play a wonderful piece for the customers. The piano suited the relaxing color of the ambiance inside, the elegant tables and chairs shows it formal and dignified theme of the restaurant, that make it disappointing that it is just a decoration.

Well its kinda embarrassing, but I just found myself walking toward the piano, my friends are stopping me, well; it’s a big comic story for those two if they remember that. But there something inside me that telling me to press just a key, when I approached a piano, I doubted to press a key, but I grab a D-key and I just produced a sound, the sound is so feminine, that everyone will appreciate its sincerity, my hair stands, I’m kinda nervous that someone will scold me for it.

But then I press another key, and again, and again, and again. Well I just finished a full piece, but no one stopped me, and I just heard someone clap, well, that’s from Theresa and Camilla that it followed a big applause, I didn’t know what was happening, but then I suddenly got it, the people liked it, I’m relieved because they liked it, but a little nervous, I don’t usually play with a huge crowd and to someone I don’t know, but there something inside me wanted to prove something. I suddenly felt shy, so I walked towards our table, Theresa and Camilla were grinning at me, though I was expecting that they would make fun of me, but I was a little surprised when they said.

“We didn’t know you could play the piano!” Theresa said.

“We’re proud of you!” Camilla said with a sweet smile.

It made me so happy knowing that they are proud of me. But then someone approached us, and we thought it was the manager, and we were right.

“Miss, are you the one who played the piano just a minute ago?” he asked.

We just nervously nodded; well, particularly me, I’m the one who can be sued there; I was a bit exaggerating, thinking like that.

“Can you play for us every other night?” he politely asked, well, were astonished, we weare expecting a bad situation, and it was the opposite.

“Oh, sir! It’s the only piece I know” I said.

“We just want you to play two pieces, every other day, maybe a practice will do?”

“Oh sir, I don’t know if I’m able to do it”

What a coward I am, right? I lose faith in myself again and I don’t trust in myself again. I regretted it, so much. An opportunity slipped away, again. It didn’t let me sleep, I was always thinking about it, the thought was bugging me every night I remember it and having a chance to think over the situation I have been every day that passes by. Well, that stressed me out, really, I’m so emotional, but I know, it is always my fault, I alone. I have this situation that, I wake up so late, and I didn’t make it to my class, and I just decided not to attend all my class that day, well, I have my books right I can just make a review or just read a few topics, but I just watched my favorite T.V program and just forget my obligation as a student, I regretted that again.

I once evaluated that my life was cycling in regrets, and it makes me feel awkward, self-evaluating and making judgement on your self is an awkward moment and it hurts too. It sucks and very disappointing, I feel ridiculous and I don’t like it.

On this day, well, I have my sleep back! Well it’s one of my traits that make me so irritated; I just forget all the things that had happened to me.

Well that week is an English week, so the teachers and other students are busy organizing a program, to celebrate English Week. There was a contest for a “slogan making contest”, a poem, an illustration and any other contest you may think that can relate to English. Some students are selling tickets, well you know, I’m not going to participate so I just bought a ticket, even though I know I don’t have a luck with that kind of lottery. Then Camilla asked for my help, she asked me to make her a beautiful drawing relating to our environment, she asked me for advice for her illustration, it just so happen that the environment comes first in my mind, and I explained that everybody all around the world should help to make our environment clean and work hand in hand to prevent pollution that cause our Earth in verge if destruction, and that English language, saying that it’s a “Universal Language” will and can connect to other country and its people and be able to understand each other. So I decided to make one for her, she let me decide to what to do or draw for her.

“It’s up to you!” she said, smiling at me.

So I just continued.

When I finished her illustration, she also finished her slogan. I gave her illustration, and she put her name on it. She asked me to go with her to present those two, so I just accompanied her.

The day of our English Week celebration came, the program started late by one hour. I knew it then, so I arrived an hour after they have scheduled it. Well, it’s me remember. I don’t usually attend that kind of celebration, but because Camilla participated, I had to go and give my support. The program started with an introduction, a prayer, a song, and a dance number. And then the presentation of the slogans and after that are the  illustrations, well I’m a bit proud because I made one of those illustrations which flashed on the  monitor, but of course, it’s Camilla’s. Another dance number and the recitation of the poem’s writers who participated, and a lottery, as usual, I didn’t win.

Well, I didn’t stick around to watch all those boring numbers happening on the stage so I made myself in high spirit, I talked to Theresa and Camilla, texted  my other friend and had a snack. So I didn’t have all attention on the program.

It just so happen that the announcement of the winners for the slogan and illustrations caught my attention, the announcer called names in order from the 5th to the winner. Camilla called in First Place; we were so proud of her. She received a gift certificate from a Salon and a prize of a five thousand. Well that’s the Grand Prize you bet, a prize worthy of her, such a wonderful lady.

And the illustration came next, and they showed all ten boards, including ours. A little proud, Theresa shouted and boasted our work. And then the announcer started to tap some of the illustrations and place it forward, though one of those is our work. He announced that those are the top five and those owners are the winners. We were so happy that our illustration was one of those that had been chosen, secretly proud of myself and a little bit envious because it will be regarded or rewarded to Camilla, I just proved to myself again that I can do something if I will just remove my self-doubt in my system, I can do anything, but all in all,  I am still happy for her.

The announcer called names again in order, we are again nervous and excited if the prize will be given to Camilla again, two names have not yet been called and that included Camilla, to our surprise the other name was called and that was not Camilla’s, we knew then that she won again, we jumped and shouted, as Camilla and Theresa were pushing me out.

YES, WE WON AGAIN!” Theresa shouted.

“ This day is yours,  Camilla! We are so proud of you!” I said.

We were so happy that we didn’t recognize the announcer’s calling a name, and it wasn’t Camilla’s. It was mine. I stopped for a while absorbing the words that the person on the stage uttered. Confusion sank in me. Why was she calling my name? Am I too noisy? So I sat, I pushed Camilla to the aisle and pulled Theresa to her sit.

She called my name again, so I stood up, Theresa pushed me, when I looked at her she was smiling.

You know, you’re wrong, we are so proud of you” Camilla whispered.

“Yeaah! Go on girl, it is your day today, grab your prize now!” Theresa said, still pushing me to the aisle.

I presented myself to the stage, and claimed the illustration and my prize. I smiled even with a confusion, I didn’t participate, I just helped a friend. I saw my name scribbled on the back of the illustration. Carved with the black ink of a pen, and with the penman of Camilla, so then I understood what happened, that is why she never bothered me on doing that illustration. So I just realized I have something most treasured than a prize and a trophy. I had Camilla and Theresa; true friends that are always be there and always make me feel special, happy, contented and help me believe in myself.  Friends that should be treasured and kept and take care with sincerity and trust. A sibling that God forgot to give us.

So I smiled; a wide happy smile, not for the prize I took but for the  friends that God gave to me so as I looked at them, I know those persons I was looking at are the people who will always be my friends until the end.

author:  rubyecle12


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