A Prayer for Us Who Forget

(Photo Credit: Allanbevere)
(Photo Credit: Allanbevere)

Day in and day out, people sleep and then wake up to another day of complaints and short-temper.  People curse the weather, curse the traffic, shouts at little disagreements, find fault at everyone and everything; never minding if they hurt someone or anyone who dares to disagree or criticize.   Too many bad things are happening; too frequent calamities and tragedies.

Could there be a message to all the dreadful and devastating events in the world?

Perhaps, we have forgotten or chosen to ignore the most important things in life?  Perhaps we need to tap ourselves in the head and be reminded that we have omitted giving thanks to the Father and asking for His divine guidance?  Perhaps we have not been in keeping with His teachings?

May we bow our heads and feel it deep in our hearts to utter some prayers and go back to the Father?  Us who seem to have forgotten to give value to the gifts our Lord has given us?

Heavenly Father,

 I adore you.

 Please pardon my temper as it gets shorter when the sun is up and the heat is on;

It’s hard to part from my pillows and sheets, to open my eyes and stretch my limbs.

There’s nothing on the table yet and no warm water, I bet.


Forgive me for cursing the rain;

Flood is all I could think of, there’s nothing but pain.

Jeepneys and buses soaked and stranded,

Life goes slow, becomes a mess, and leaves me dumbfounded.


I am so sorry that I do not stay home,

I’d like to go outside, shop, dine, watch movies, and buy myself a cone.

I regret the times I wasn’t there when they need me,

All the words left unsaid, all the lies I have said;

Kisses I didn’t give, all the dinners I have missed.

 Please forgive them all for I always forget.


Now I thank you when the sun is up and the heat is on;

It means life goes on.

I breathe once more, I live a day more.


I no longer curse the rain.

I recall those brothers in some parts of the world

Who would die of famine and unbearable heat;

You teach me patience, remind me of discipline,

Moreover, you remind me of love, which the world now is lacking.


Now, I go home early and bond with my family.

No more words left unsaid, there’s laughter and vibrance,

I thank you Father for this one more chance.



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