A Life Plan in a Real World

Life Plan (Photo credit: Slidingdownthestairs.blogspot)
Life Plan (Photo credit: Slidingdownthestairs.blogspot)

I read a lot of stories on this site, I speak to a lot of young people daily about their lives and often give advice and I think overall; too many young people watch too much drama on television or read Fashion Magazines and try to base their lives on these twisted forms of Entertainment with often sad results…

Life  Plan   (Photo credit:     Slidingdownthestairs.blogspot)
Life Plan (Photo credit: Slidingdownthestairs.blogspot)

I am 51 and looking back I feel if I could do it again I would write my story this way;

1) From the age of One year on; grow up as a child. 🙂

2) Early Years; Attend School and this time pay attention while ‘still being a child’ and trying a little bit of everything that School has to offer.

3) Teenage years; Complete my High School years – again PAY ATTENTION; Graduate, then begin Work, remembering I am still young at heart and have plenty of time to settle down and marry.

4) Late Teenage years to early/ mid 20’s: Work and build new friendships, establish my Work Career for a solid future while getting to know WHO I am, fit in some travel and see the world while young to broaden my views on the World we live in.

5) Mid to late 20’s; Begin to think about my Future, build up my Savings, invest in some land to be used as future collateral towards buying my first Home, start looking for my life partner because now the clock is ticking and it is time to think of ‘Serious Relationships’ and where my future is headed.

6) Late 20’s to mid 30’s; Now is the time to build the secure Foundations of the rest of your life, hopefully by this stage I would like to have chosen a working partner who has the same plans as I for a secure future together, who has done most of what it is she wanted who is ready to settle down with no regrets.

7) Mid 30’s to 40; Plan a Family together, no need to overpopulate the World, by this stage in life we both are secure in our Work where the Wife can afford to take time off to begin the Family unit while I continue to work and invest in our Family Unit.

8) Early to late 40’s; We both work hard and plan our Nest Egg for our future by contributing to our retirement funds, saving for our children’s later Education, paying off the Home Mortgage so as to maybe look at early retirement.

9) Late 40’s to mid 50’s; Children growing up, independent, spending more time with friends building their own lives, time to start slowing down for the Wife and I to begin to discover each other again, maybe fit in some travel abroad, or spend some time catching up with our own Family who are in similar positions as us now. Now is the time to do the things in life we had planned earlier before we are too old to do them.

10) Mid 50’s to mid 60’s; This is the wind down period for most, if we can afford early retirement, take it, if we must work to 65/70 years of age depending on the Pension system in our Country, then do so, spend as much time with Grandchildren and Family, as who knows how much longer we have left to enjoy the simple things in life many take for granted. Now we are slower than we were, but we can still be useful as far as old people go, we are able to help our children by watching their children while they are working to ease their own burden, as a bonus, spending time with our Grandchildren, we can enjoy watching them grow up, tell them stories of “How it was when we were Children”, we maybe old, but we are still useful… 🙂

I am not as wise as I would like to be, I can look back and see the many mistakes I made contrary to what I have written above, but when I was growing up, no one sat down and laid out a “Life Plan” before me to read and ponder over, I watch far too many young people follow Television Soap Drama Shows, as did I, and follow Magazine Articles, both of which in a perfect world may make sense, but in the fast World we live in, there is not always a Rainbow after every Storm, not every Bad Boy turns good after Miss Right wins his Heart and teaches him the errors of his ways in life, and not every Miss comes out of her first love to Marry and live Happily ever after, in the REAL World; often life is the total opposite to what we sit and watch on TV every night or when we see those touched up Photoshop pictures in the Magazines, the Real people in the Real World often do not get the chance to live the ideal life as portrayed by those people who write FICTION for a living…

Yes; I am now 51 years old, I wasted a major portion of my youth when I should have been securing my future, I married at 19 and spent the better part of 30 years surviving and making ends meet week to week, I did raise 6 fantastic kids, I am now Grandfather to 7.5 wonderful Grandchildren… But my future is a shaky future, I now live alone, will I end up homeless? Will I remarry? I do not have the secure Nest Egg to retire on that I may have had if I done things different.

Would I have listened had someone set out a Life Plan such as I have set out above? Probably not; I was young and honestly believed I was doing the right thing at the time, but I am sure there are some who will take the time to read what I have written above and see the wisdom in my own hindsight, and reflect with me on my own mistakes now that I look back…

Too those who can see any sense in “The Plan” above remember; Life will throw you many curve Balls, as each Door of opportunity closes behind you, yet another will open giving you new opportunities, so carefully think your decision through as to how it will affect your future.

I wish you good luck on your journey in life…

author:   Brian Oinks


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