A Letter to My Daughter

Life holds too many surprises and before I lose the chance to do so,  I want to teach you some things I’ve learned in life…

First, learn to live your life without regrets. Living with regrets, wishing to change things you can’t change only drags you down.

Learn to find the little wonderful things in life – they are what matter most.

Learn to dream big and believe the vastness of heavens and the depths of the oceans are not enough to encompass all that your heart can possibly wish for as they can never compass all my dreams for you.

Learn to forgive no matter how difficult it is to forget. Living life without anger is easier than consuming your life with a fruitless wrath.

Believe that you can do anything you set your mind to doing and learn to accept the things that you can’t.

Set a goal for yourself. It is easier to live your life when you know where you want to go.

Never allow yourself to believe that you don’t need an education. It is something that you’d never lose once you have it.

Respect everyone and have compassion for those who do not have respect for themselves.

Love unconditionally but never ever lose yourself in the process.

Learn to say “No” and mean it. You don’t always have to please everyone.

Find a man who’d watch you sleep for hours, hold your hands when you’re in pain, love you unconditionally and think you’re sexy and beautiful even when you weigh 75 kilos!

Learn to accept yourself – flaws and all. Look in the mirror and know that you are beautiful and that you are loved.

Learn not to judge yourself by what people think of you because people will always have an opinion and you could never please everyone. Learn to judge yourself according to how you’d be judge in the end.

Live an honest life. You’d live longer.

Learn how to pray and believe with absolute faith that He will never forsake you.

Choose well the people you’d trust.

Learn to keep secrets.

Pay your debts.

Cultivate in your heart an innate kindness and the ability to find the goodness in everyone.

Don’t forget birthdays and learn to do something special for someone when he least expects it.

Learn how to cook and keep house. You’d find life’s little pleasures in doing so.

Never let others define you – define yourself.

Never forget to dance in the rain, walk barefoot on the grass, kiss the roses as you go by living your life.

Know that you are loved always. unconditionally and forever.


About piebuko

A 31-year-old female homo sapiens, mother of two, wife of the bravest man on the planet and living a life of a great adventure. I earn my living playing with words.
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