A Girl’s Feelings

To be a girl, is never easy. It’s hard to deal with their own feelings. It’s hard to be insecure with yourself on how you should look, and on how you want others to see you. It’s hard to fall in love and be like a very dramatic actress. It’s hard to handle situations in life because they expect too much. And lastly, it’s hard to say “I’m fine” when I’m really not.

How you see yourself, how others see you and how you want others to see you — are three question to know who you really are.

But Girls always want others to see them the way they expect and that makes them do everything just to be accepted by everyone. To look pretty and beautiful, and to look awesome and gorgeous. That’s what they want. Because in this kind of world people don’t just look what’s in you, they look at how you look.

Girls are insecure not because of others but of themselves.

Loving and being in a relationship is another story.

Girls easily fall in love. They would take the risk even though they know they would get hurt. Yes, most of the time they are weak. They cry and shed tears about how bad they feel but I tell you, girls give too much effort specially to the person they love. They would do everything to make them happy. They could trash all the bad things you did just to save the relationship.

Girls Expect too much. That’s why in the end they always feel disappointed. To deal with disappointment is not that easy because no matter how many times you disappoint a girl, she would still put her whole trust on someone and expect again. It’s not because they’re stupid, but because they have a strong belief. “I’m fine” are words that they always say even though they’re not. It’s because they are known to be weak persons in the eyes of many and to say they’re fine makes them feel stronger.

Girls struggle with so many things. They are not always the person you think you already know. Girls are the more secretive persons because they could keep their feelings to themselves just to let everyone see they are happy no matter how hard it is to be a girl.


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