A Gift From God: A True Story

Gift from God (Photo credit: Sheknows)
Gift from God (Photo credit: Sheknows)
Gift from God   (Photo credit:     Sheknows)
Gift from God (Photo credit: Sheknows)

One of the most fulfilling things about being a woman is becoming a mother. October 6,2006, Friday at 12:30 pm, was the day I knew I was pregnant. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. For three years of waiting, at last I’M PREGNANT!

I never thought it would happen that year because my husband and I started our treatment on May 2006. My right ovary has multiple cysts and then a little problem on my hubby’s sperm viability. We both had to take some vitamins and fertility pills for more than a month. It was never easy on my part testing every month if it is positive. Every time there is only one line appears on the pregnancy kit, i felt so down. I wanted a child so badly. We had our regular check-up to our doctors, regular schedule with a reflexologist. Then everytime I go to church, I always ask God to bless me with a child.

It was already month of September, and Lem has to go back to work. I was so sad because I wanted to be pregnant before he goes back to work but I had my period that month. So I just said to myself that it’s not yet time, maybe next year or the coming years.

September 8 was Mama Mary’s birthday. We went to simala to attend mass. We arrived there at 12 midnight. My prayer then was to bless me with a child next year. The following week, Sept. 14, my husband went back to work. We will be away again for a year. Back to my old life!

I was expecting for my period on Oct.1 but it’s already oct 6 and still didnt appear. Just to end up my querries, after lunch I bought a pregnancy kit and tested it in our rest room. I was so nervous that I went out for few seconds affter putting urine. When I got back, I looked at it and there I saw TWO LINES… which means POSITIVE! I AM PREGNANT!

I immediately spread the news to everyone.

From the first month to the sixth month of my pregnancy, there seem to be no problem. I never experienced vomiting, fainting, and tiredness. I made sure I ate fruits everyday and listen to classical music, and I was very diligent in taking vitamins. The only problem that time was the low implantation of my baby so I wasn’t allowed to walk far. On the 7th month, I felt something bad, my feet and hands were swollen. I found out I was hypertensive. So I was monitored weekly but the babay’s growth was so slow until such time that the baby no longer receives the nutrients and my amniotic fluid is reducing in amount every week.

April 26,2007 was my prenatal schedule. I had undergone first Velocimetry Doppler and there the doctor found out that the baby inside was no longer receiving oxygen. This condition is known as asphyxia. So I had to give birth that day to save my baby. I was so scared. Only papa and cousin Jev were there for me but in the labor room, no relatives are allowed to enter. It was like facing death. I just kept calling God to save me and my baby. I was induced but every time my uterus contracts, baby’s heartbeat falls down. So they did emergency caesarian on me.

I heard my baby’s cry at 6:30pm. His cry was music to my ears. It was the most pleasing sound I have ever heard. My baby was rushed to the observation room bec he was premature and weighs only 1.1 kilo. The next day, the pediatrician informed me that baby has only 50% chance of survival. There were organs that were not yet developed-lungs, intestine, and liver. His Bilirubin was very low due to blood incompatibility of parents. He went through exchange transfusion and were injected with different antibiotics. I stayed with him everyday, talked to him, tell him stories, sing him a song.

His recovery was slow until it came to my mind to go back to Simala. It was may 10 when I went there, and prayed to Mama Mary to heal my son, take away all the tubes in his body. When i went back to the hospital, may 13, Sunday, the ventilator and oxygen were already taken out. may 15, he was transferred to the incubator. May 17, to the crib. It was a miracle. God really answers our prayers. I don’t deserve the miracle, but He gave it to me out of his absolute love.

I will forever be thankful for the gift… My Baby Vinz.

author:  villalyn


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