A Definitely Filipino Alternative to Government-backed and West-inspired ‘Sex Education’

Sex Education

It seems to me not highly probable that a government-backed and a West-inspired ‘sex education’ can ensure an integrated vision of human sexuality. Considering the purported scientific approach in ‘sex education’ and the pluralistic society we are becoming to be, one may be lead to think that only a reductionist approach to ‘sex education’ is possible in public schools.

To ensure a more integrated human sexuality education, then, the government should be the last institution to be involved. Human Sexuality education must be embedded in an education (outside-of-the-classroom education) about FRIENDSHIP and HUMAN LOVE, human relationships of which the primary educators of children are their parents and the whole family, an education that is well adjusted to our family-centered values as a people. This role of parents and the whole family as primary educators can be helped, in my opinion, not by the government directly but by a strong community where the family is located making the community, in a ‘bayanihan spirit’ that is definitely Filipino, the secondary educators of children on human sexuality. This community must seek help from other communities in the realization of their common intention of giving their children good quality ‘human relationship’ education. And if needed, these communities can seek assistance from the government. This means that between the family and the government there is the community or communities, and this is in keeping with the principle of subsidiarity which all healthy democracies are founded and without which there can only be totalitarianism whether in its crude or in its subtle form.

The government, then, must support the INITIATIVES of the community in the latter’s project of helping families determine themselves with regard to human sexuality education thereby ensuring not only the freedom of families and communities but also the firm grasp of basic moral propriety among the citizens without any oppressive intervention from the government.

This basic moral propriety in its essence is unchanging because it is based on human nature and human dignity the essence of which is unchanging. The changing technological environment, meaning the accessibility of sex-related materials, must indeed be taken into account in the issue of human sexuality education, but this ‘change’ must not allow us to lose sight of the unchanging dignity of human acts, especially sex. To cheapen sex through government-backed and West-inspired ‘sex education’ and to make the changing environment as an excuse for it does not seem to squarely face the issue. Correctly applying the principle of subsidiarity in the area of human sexuality education also protects the basic moral propriety that children easily imbibed in a healthy family within a vibrant community.

This alternative to government sex education is not an easy and lazy undertaking but one that is Definitely Filipino and worth the fight!

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