6 Common Reasons To Quit To Your Job

Employees are normally part of  the success of the company. The Company is  like a life there are ups and downs, but what matters most is that company  needs a solid decision on how they’re going manage their employees.

Are you thinking about quitting your job but you are not sure yet if your decision is right?

Before you quitting your job, know first your SWOT–   your Strength, your Weaknesses, your Opportunity and your Threat.

Hating your job is not a good reason to quit unless you have another job lined up. There are also some circumstances which are  beyond our control that despite loving your work, you’re sorely tempted to just quit.

These are 6 common reasons to quit to your  job:

1. New Job Offer. Practically, a new job offer is a good reason to quit. Why? Because nowadays many people are too mean, but ot saying everyone is. When another company gives you more opportunities to grow, then why stick with your job? Before you quit from your job make sure though you won’t regret your choice.

2.You’re not Happy. As a person, we normally have freedom to choose our own happiness. Even in our workplace we normally encounter different kinds of people, different personalities and different opportunities. If you are sure that you are no longer happy with your work, then let go of it.Why? Don’t wait for  things to get messy. When  people aren’t happy with their work but they still keep on working, they will not grow. Others may say it’s a big matter to love  what you are doing.

3. Difficult Work Environment. Work environment is one reason why some employees quit from their job. As simple as this, if you don’t like your relationship with your co-workers or managers, it doesn’t work. You will never grow. One should always look forward to each day that one goes to work, but if you have to always force yourself to take those steps, as your work environment is too stressful – how can you stay any longer?

4. No Salary Increase. This is a common reason why some employees are quitting their job.  If you are  more than 6 months in the  company, and still you have no salary increase, it’s but normal to feel discouraged. Employee get tired of working. Practically speaking, one of the keys at work to motivate employees are money and power.

5. Difficult Time Schedule. Others may often their job because of time schedule. Just like for example if your workplace is too far from your house, you ended up qutting your job because you are often late.

6. Management Problem. Employees may decide to quit because of management problems. Some employees may not be so agreeable to certain rules and regulations of the company. Management should have solid support and monthly evaluation. Relationships between employee and the management is very important for the success of the company.

If all these reasons can be solved, then both  company  and employee faces the possibility of maintaining a good relationship and loyalty to each other.


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