5 Stupid Reasons Why a Girl Leaves You

They said that behind a success of a man is a woman. This thought may sound real though, but history contradicts to this old English proverb. Taking Samson and Delilah as an example, she was not the reason for Samson’s success, in contrast, she was the downfall of the man. Another good illustration is the romantic tragedy story of Romeo and Juliet. It is a Shakespearean play that portrays a man’s irrational thoughts towards love.

Despite giving all that a woman needs, some men still questions the reason as to why women left them. Many have tried to figure out the cause behind a woman’s logic towards relationships, but still, their quest for answers are vague.

As the result of their pursuit fails, most men think that there are problems with women who left them. However, instead of putting all the blame to the opposite sex, maybe knowing the answers themselves can enlighten their minds.

Five Basic Reasons Why Women Leave

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1. Not speaking the truth – It is better to lie than to start a war. It is true that there are some secrets better kept hidden. However, if a man lies, he should make sure that all the contributing factors are well organized or just don’t lie at all.

Women are like bomb sniffing dogs when it comes to proving their instincts. They will and can look for a hole in the story. So if ever, in some occasion a man lies, this lie should make the jurors agree.

2. Being boring – The thing about women is that they like surprises. And sometimes, they expect their man to do those things. Failure to do so could make her interpret that her man gives less attention to her and does not put an extra effort to meet her halfway.

Some men do not want to express their feelings or share their problems with their girl. It makes them feel less of a man if they share their thoughts with their girlfriend. Communication has its ups and downs, and it is up to the people involved on how they make it progressive.

3. Working too much – While most girls like a man with ambition, sometimes too much ambition can ruin a girls mood. Having a stable job, a house and a car are some of the qualifications that girls look for in a guy. However, working too much to the point that he will not be able to find time for his girl, can trigger a girl leave. Women will easily think that their men are more in love with their work than with them.

Time is one important thing that every girl needs. Make them feel their worth and let them know that despite how busy work is, they are more important than anything else.

4. Not too good in bed – In this case, men should not pretend. They should pay attention to their girl. They should know how to spice up their sex life, and the only way to do that is to ask them. If no one asks, then no one will know what each wants regarding romance.

Women often pretend just to make their man feels satisfied. This scenario should not be the case. Because in the long run, girls will get tired of the hypocrisy. The best way to solve this issue is to ask the girl their preference. Everything has an answer, but for a particular purpose, there’s OMG Bra-site for males.

5. Spends too much time on friends – “Friends will never leave you” is the general motto for sociable men that may cause women’s unfavorable emotion. The reason why a man joins a relationship is that he got tired of his routine and that includes too much men’s night out.

It is okay to have a social life despite having a girlfriend, but too much of those can damage a relationship. As it is often said, women need time, for them to realize their worth. But with too much hanging out with friends, it can make them think less of themselves. And that is not a good sign of a healthy relationship.


A relationship will prosper if both parties will cooperate. It’s not only the needs of women that needs consideration. Girls need to understand men as well. Understanding and trusting are the keys to a successful relationship. If one of them is missing, and so as the relationship.

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