40,000 Php per Tooth?!

Dental Service (Photo Credit: Dayujob)
Dental Service (Photo Credit: Dayujob)
Dental Service  (Photo Credit:  Dayujob)
Dental Service (Photo Credit: Dayujob)

The assistant first took an x-ray. She´s nice. It went well, fast and easy. She then ushered me inside a small room.

It was found out that I had an infection in my molar with filling. She has to do the following: extract the old filling, disinfect the area,  clean it up, fill it up again and to cover it with a crown ( I thought only the royalties uses crown?!). I didn´t understand it completely. I was desperate and I can´t stand another sleepless night due to toothache. “Can you just please, do what you can to stop the pain now?”. “Well, I can do a temporary treament”, she answered.

Luckily, I got what I wanted. Finally a good night sleep.

Well, maybe not. My tooth still needs a crown. And “it´s a must to do the treatment” she added before I left the clinic. Sigh, the word “crown” sounds really expensive.

The last part for this treatment is fitting a crown to prevent the tooth from breaking. This sounds serious. But the most shocking part is…that it will cost me another 5.000 norwegian kroner or so… for a tooth. Sigh.

It took me back a year ago when my dentist referred me to a specialist. That was the story of my decayed wisdom tooth. It cannot be extracted with a normal procedure. In short, a minor operation. My first time on an operating room was dramatic. My body was covered with ” I don´t know what” but it feels like plastic sheets. Except for my mouth, obviously. Scary. The lights overhead were too bright.

Even with closed eyes, I can still feel its brightness. I got four anesthesia injections. Glad my eyes were covered. After 30 minutes with pulling and “oh so difficult” remarks.., my tooth was pulled out. That cost me a bit more than 5,000 norwegian kroner. Minor operation, major amount of money.

And then now. Again. Not again….

I have no choice but to do it here in Norway. I have no idea how much root canal treatment costs in the Philippines but I am sure that it is way cheaper than here in Norway.

Well, I am still contemplating when to call my dentist for appointment in this  Endodontic therapy thing. It´s not as if a full- time- student-who- works- part-time to support herself and her family back home has a lot of money. Duh. I need to save for it. I need to work this summer. I actually suggested to just pull out the infected tooth but then my dentist said that it is better to keep my natural teeth if I can. Because if a tooth is missing, neighboring teeth can drift out of line. And it is actually located just beside my extracted wisdom tooth. If pulled out, there will be a massive hole there. I might end up with  crooked teeth. 😛

Hint:  Para sa mga dentistang pinoy, ano pa hinihintay n’yo? Malaki ang kita dito sa Norway 😛 ´Wag n’yo lang po akong tanungin kung paano mag apply dito kasi wala po akong ideya 😛

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