4 Basic Home Appliances You Should Buy Before Getting Married

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  1. Television – a couple sitter. A breather after a strenuous work and many other things. Entertainment and of course news. We know you just want to spend time together and not care about what happens outside the world – but you cannot be forever staring at each other’s eyes. A nice comedy would be nice once in a while.
  1. Refrigerator – It is not very wise not to have a place to store food. It will save you, money and time going back and forth the grocery for supplies. You can also prepare food for couple of meals and just pack them in containers and your life will be a breeze.
  1.  Washing machine – Clothes will be double now and sheets will always be dirty. It’s good to have your own washer at home instead of running to the laundry shop every time its wash day. It would be nice to have fresh pillow cases and bedding every week. Any anyone of you can do the laundry even in the evening.
  1. Gas range or stove – You would love cooking for your partner and show your cooking flair now that you are living in one roof. This is one of the nice investments you could put your money into. A nice stove can last you years. We do not want you always ordering food to go right? Aside from not being healthy – it will also ruin your budget.
(Photo credit: kazanowforcongress.com)
(Photo credit: kazanowforcongress.com)

Starter appliances can be tricky. We all want flashy appliances at home, but if you can’t afford it as of the moment, you could settle for the low-priced but durable ones.

Never purchase second-hand appliances as this will cause you headache in the long run. Ask your friends for tips on which appliances are good in terms of performance and durability.

Do not buy appliances you cannot afford from your credit card just to show off to your friends. This will be the start of your money problems when the bills starts coming in.

Be practical. Choose the basic ones that you can afford and make sure it will last you at least five years. From then on you can already save money for the top of the line appliances as you go along.

A happy home is a functional home. Do not settle down without saving for these magic four appliances. It will give you comfort and life will be more relaxing and enjoyable.

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