26 Years of EDSA and Counting

EDSA (Photo Credit: Twist14.tripod)
EDSA (Photo Credit: Twist14.tripod)
EDSA    (Photo Credit:    Twist14.tripod)
EDSA (Photo Credit: Twist14.tripod)

26 years ago, the people flocked in EDSA to suppress dictatorship and to support the candidacy of President Corazon Aquino. It has been long since our unity was formed. I respect the event but I oppose the outcomes such as the issues in agrarian reform and the rise of monopolies and oligarchs. 11 years later, the people again flocked in EDSA for the ouster of Estrada because of plunder. There is again a woman president in history which is Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Several months after, the people again protested against her legitimacy which ended unsuccessfully. We should heal the wounds of the past and we should never let this event happen again. We should respect the Constitution and oppose this form of anarchy. Once again we commemorate this anniversary of peaceful revolution which toppled the decades-old of dictatorship in our country and the lengthy road into reform.

Although there are speculations that the so-called “daang matuwid” has potholes and the current administration wants to avenge against perceived enemies, I hope that there will be no EDSA 4. I hope that this event will no longer happen again and just be placed on the bins of history. Our economy was squandered because of the culture of blaming others. Freedom and aberancy are the main ideals which we have strived for. We should create a revolution for economic stability, against poverty, against incompetence and against terrorism in Mindanao.

The ideals that we have fought for are difficult to achieve and we still need to fight for political and economic freedom. We should have a will of iron which is tainted by blood to alleviate poverty. The youth today may become the future leaders of tomorrow in maintaining our social and economic status. The future leaders should prevent any war which is politically motivated. We should rebuild a new edifice from the ruins of the previous administrations.We should rebuild decency and morality in the society.

Democracy is the government of the people and if we talk about the majority of the people they are poor which is our greatest chagrin which we should not tolerate. We could heal it by addressing any forms of corruption and mistrust in government. All bright ideologies and plans and anyone who has a better contribution should be considered. All positive inputs should be formed into an unbiased and competent work of action that leaves no thing unrecognized. All our minds and hearts should be expressed.

Freedom is not a big deal for those who are born after this event in history, who have no experience of dictatorship. Although,  martial has better effects on our economy and for suppressing communism, it has violated our rights and liberty. We should prepare for our vigilance in freedom to maximize our gains. For the victims of repression during this days, freedom is heavenly. That is our legacy and heirloom unto the current and future generations. They have now met their blessings from their blood, tears and sweat which they offered. Many unrecognized heroes died to restore our freedom.

Freedom restores opportunities for those who have been insulted by these events and those who have spared their dignity. Democracy is worthless if it does not democratize the joy of the bounties in Earth. It is unfair if only few enjoys this bounty. We have to allocate prosperity conditionally, we should uphold the cries of the poor also we should preserve dignity. The protection of freedom should bring respect and end their misery.

EDSA claims the legacy of an exercise of bloodless and successful revolution into the world.The flocking into streets executed their will, outrage and incarcerations. If you retrospect into the past you will see a forked road into good or evil. The defiance of tanks and risk of lives is enough. It is still an unfinished battle and we should fight strongly to regain freedom in all forms.We should restore their dignities and opportunities.

I dedicate this to the recognized and unrecognized heroes of EDSA, those who are born before or after EDSA, those who continue to regain democracy even they are risking their lives, to the victims of human rights violations and hearsay of the current government against their enemies. Although we do not like its negative effects or outcomes, we should fight solemnly to attain our dreams and ambitions of progress.

author:  Alvin daniel


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