(Photo Credit:  guardianlv)

If speed one day kills me, don’t be sad because i was smiling. #PaulWalker (Photo Credit: guardianlv)

A close-up photo of  Paul Walker’s supposedly ‘wrecked face’ circulated on social media and earned different reactions.  While some reacted with shock and pity  instantaneously, there are those who questioned the validity of the photo.

So, is it true?  That gruesome photo which showed his face literally ‘almost’ cut in the middle?


Just some insensitive people who edited a photo to catch some ‘attention.’

There’s also another photo of him in a hospital setting, with plasters on his face and with a description that says the death hoax about him was dismissed because he is alive and well.    These false reports angered fans, but, well, it just proves his extreme popularity across the globe .

To analyze –  a car that crashed into an electric pole and a tree so strongly  and burst into flames couldn’t possibly produce a clear clean face.  That would be short of a miracle.

Coroner Ed Winters said the bodies of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas were so badly burned it would surely take them days before they can be possibly identified.

This disclosed information supports some of the commenters’ point of view that ‘it can’t possibly be true because the photo shows a clear although ‘morbid’ representation of a heavily wounded man’s face and not a burned man as expected of the passengers of the car that went ablazed.”

Anyway, even if that was really Paul Walker’s wrecked bloody face there, we  should refrain from posting, liking, or sharing it.  It’s gruesome; it’s cruel to do so.  We also have minors on the net.  Aside from these reasons, Walker is an icon in the eyes of many.  He is an admirable man who goes out of his way to help people.  He even has his advocacy with a group for people who need help  and he was attending a charity event for Yolanda victims on that fateful day.

Let us remember him as this great handsome guy who gave us a wonderful time with the Fast and the Furious series among his other films.


The uploaders  and the sharers of those fotos are requested  to pay respect to the dead actor, his families and friends.

Let us learn to discern what NOT to post or share on the social media.