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Disaster in the Philippines: Typhoon Yolanda

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ER nurse in New York City. Clinical Nurse Specialist Author: "Nursing Vignettes: A Filipino Nurse in America", available on [email protected]

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There is an outpouring of sympathy from people around the world. And yet, there are some heartless individuals who begrudge the help that the US government had sent to the Philippines and had demanded that monetary aid be redirected to help domestic people first. Self-entitlement and selfishness sometimes rear its ugly heads.

The rest of the caring world can only watch helplessly as heart-wrenching stories of loss are recounted by the survivors. Prompted by desperation, men and women sought out television cameras to plead for help and to connect with loved ones outside of the affected areas, mostly to tearfully announce which family member had passed away.

Filipinos are known for their resilience. The country had been plagued by natural disasters over the years, but its people had always bounced back, made stronger by their faith and the optimism for a brighter future.

This latest tragedy had shaken us to the core and had rendered the future bleak and unimaginable. But there is no other option but to survive. To just take each day as it comes. To just hold on to the flicker of hope that there is still something worth living for.

My heart bleeds for you, Philippines. Be strong. donate:

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

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