Coffee Convert

April 2, 2013 vankristinemendoza 0

Yesterday, after coming home from a date with two graduate school girlfriends, I raided my closet and got rid of my “obsolete” clothes. This practice […]


April 1, 2013 X-Tin Gabs 0

  SELF-CENTERED, APATHETIC SOCIETY:  These days, harboring even a bit of hope for a better tomorrow is an unforgivable social crime. Tolerating injustice is something […]

Saradong Puso

April 1, 2013 charing 0

 Si Dalia ay lumaking napagmasdan kung paano namuhay kasama ang kanyang pamilya. Sa murang edad ay napagtanto niya na dapat kapag mag-aasawa ang isang tao,  […]

Embracing My Curls

April 1, 2013 jennygirl 0

Before, I’m quite insecure with girls who have long straight hair… I’m born with curly hair!  I’m very depressed for the options of showcasing my […]

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