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When I’m Old and Grey

About monettecalugay

A budding writer who simply wants to share my thoughts and send a message across. I also love to write poetry. You can visit my facebook page to view my poems. I would be very glad to read your comments for my works because I believe that my improvement as a writer/blogger lies on the reactions of my readers to my articles. Thank you and happy reading! Fineco Forex Demo Rli In Home Business Insurance

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When I’m old and grey,
I’d impart to the younger generations
everything that I have learned
from the so called school of life,
and find joy in sharing with them
the good and bad memories to be their guide.

When I’m old and grey,
I’d like to see myself in the middle of a portrait,
surrounded by my kids, grand kids and their kids,
with all of our grins and smiles, while
reminiscing the laughter and tears we have shared
when I was given the gift of life I have spent with them.

When I’m old and grey,
and I become weak and fragile,
I’d lie down still and up above I’d stare
and thank the Almighty for the precious time I was given.
I had my share of life’s ups and downs, joys and sadness…
and that’s worth cherishing, when I’m old and grey.

author:  monettecalugay