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Date a Girl Who Plays Video Games

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Date a girl who plays video games. She won’t take too long at prepping up. She’s the girl in jeans, shirt and sneakers at the coffee shop concentrating on defeating an Unversed on her PSP.

Date a girl who plays video games. Her idea of a perfect date is spending it at an arcade or bumming around at home playing the PS3 or Xbox 360. It’ll be easy to give her gifts – a shirt with her favorite character or a game she hasn’t played yet will win her over.

Date a girl who plays video games. She knows how to tell a good story based on all the games she played. Final Fantasy is her ultimate all-time favorite game series and she knows all the characters by heart.

Date a girl who plays video games because she’d love to learn your obsession over pc online games. Still, she’s argue over you on games stating the mere fact that RPG’s are better than online games. She’ll stay up all night to watch you win your DOTA tournament because she knows that winning means everything.

Date a girl who plays video games. She might be a gamer but she’s always up for real adventure. She won’t be a sissy to watch horror movies because she’s seen it all on the game of Fatal Frame.

Love a girl who plays video games. She’ll take you seriously just like she does when she plays her games. She’d even cry over the ending of Final Fantasy X, this proves she’s dedicated to a great love story.

Love a girl who plays video games. She’ll never run out of good games to share with you. Late nights over the PSP or PS3 or Xbox360 will be the best moments of your life.

Marry a girl who plays video games. She’ll name your kids after her favorite characters and raise them just like her heroes. She’ll share the world of fantasy to your children and offer them infinite room for imagination.

She’s the girl who knows who the real villains are in real life. She knows all the right moves and tricks to be safe. She’s strong willed and dedicated – both in the virtual world and in real life.

Date a girl who plays video games. She’s the heroine to complete your story.

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