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“This Guy” Loves Her

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The Second time we met is when I attended a surprised birthday party for Rod with the so called “Common Friends” Celika, Janet, Manilyn,etc.. I saw him in his white duty uniform and with a newly clean cut 2×3 hair (LOLz…:D). After a long time of talking, drinking beer , laughing and all the good times, we all got tipsy, he then asked me if he can get my mobile number. I answered him “Globe ka? Smart kasi ako”. . (suplada effect). walang extra Load. hehe

But fate has something in store for us. As days and months gone by, I get to know him better. Me and my friends started to call him “Sweetie” (Hindi ako ang Original na “Sweetie” niya) I discovered his inner qualities, totally opposite, far from what I thought he was. That’s when I realized that I was falling for him. (OOoOOH :p)

“This Guy” and I had our First dinner-movie date at Mall of Asia, March 18, 2009. We ate at Congo Grill. We discovered that we both love Beef Kare-Kare pLus Spicy Congo Chicken…aWww (droooooLLLLL!!). .The dinner made me so Bloated… then we watched two movies – You changed my Life and Sundo. Hihi We had a pretty typical first date. A little awkward chit-chat, the nervous laughter, but it eventually smoothed over and we had a good time together. after our date, “May bibigay ako sa yo?” This guy pulled out a ring from his pocket, and I blushed, wala akOng masabi. .Nganga ang Lola mO..

“Suot mo yan huh”

“Oo naman” 😉

Everyday and every night, he would call me and send me beautiful text messages – some were original banat, while others were just forwarded (sana ineedit bago i-send, di ba, para di halata) 😀

This  Guy finally met my parents during our Clinical Graduation. He called me “Sweetie!, Sweetie! picture tayo”, I smiled and said “ Mommy’t Daddy ko pala”. . .He was shocked.

While taking pictures, “Grabe kinabahan ako, katabi mo na pala Mommy’t Daddy mo” (Laughs)

More dates, pizza’s, teddy bears had happened, (binibigyan din niya ako ng teddy bears pag nananaLo aKo sa pustahan everytime na may laban si Pacman) Pwersahan yun ha. . and of course, more drinking sessions with friends had happened.

After College, we both enrolled  at SRG review Center.. Since then lalong lumalim ang landian este ang pagmamahalan. We became more than friends. its June 09, 2009, inside a cab where he’s about to accompany me home. I gently kiss him and said “tayo na”. He then gave me a deadly hug. . hehehe
Now were still together, getting stronger
Know why? Because there’s so many reasons why I love him
From Parañaque, he travel to Caloocan just to see me. He has a large doses of loving patience

He is always happy to see me
He really made me feel so special, I feel like I’m a real princess
He calls me just to say “I love you sweetie”, and good night
He always sends I love you messages every hour
He can’t be mad at me for a long time.
He knows all my secrets and knows to keep them safe.
He loves me even with all my faults
He listens to me.
His patience with me even when I push it to the limit sometimes.
His chinito eyes, looks so drowsily cute (Garfield!) J hahaha
He makes the cutest facial expressions.
I can be myself when I’m with him
I love his sense of humor and funny jokes
I love when he dances
I love when he’s singing, even out of tune
He always can make me laugh or smile,he can get me out of a bad mood.
He never fails to surprise me
I love the way he holds my hands.
I love how he says “sweetie”
I love how we plan our future together
I miss him always
He gives me sweet kisses. Every kiss I have with him feels like a first.
The only thing he wanted to change me is my surname 🙂
Long Story? Let’s make it shorter. .
Our relationship is the best thing in my life;
Thanks to “this Guy”
I love yOu deeply, madly, and I always will.

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    That’s so sweet! You’re both blessed to have each other.