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LOVE can be a blessing or a curse… Your choice.

About killer3yes

I am open minded and appreciate criticism because I’m not afraid to admit my faults. I’m more of a “speak from experience” type of person so I’m not a fan of assumptions. I decided to join because I love reading good writing… writing speaks for itself and if good enough it usually sticks. I tend to use writing to express my true feelings so I apologize if my work gets a bit sappy. But by all means... good or bad comments I don't mind;p Option Swing Trades Kelebihan Binary Option 81c

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For those jaywalking on both sides of the road:

Gaguhan na yan. Nakaka sawa rin. Overrated na yang “friends with benefits”. Kase kung totoong kaibigan, e di dapat you respect each other diba? And kung my feelings kayo for each other… then there’s no such thing as “no strings attached”. Eventually ma huhulog din kayo sa isat isa, then you’re gonna lie to yourself kung ipilit mo yang “no expectations”. Pang bata lang yan… why waste time diba? If you like each other… well, say so. Kung sex lang, edi one time… period. Wag na mag pa asa, iwas na din sa mnga “clingy”.


For those who are lost:

You’re not alone, but for now,focus on yourself. Never rely on others to complete you because you can do that on your own. There’s a difference between dependence and complementing each other. Yes, opposite may attract, but towards the end, don’t fall in that “pleasing” trap. Remember na opposite kayo kaya ka nga nagustuhan, so don’t change for anybody  but yourself.

For the veterans of LOVE:

Congrats sa inyo, and I wish you more anniversaries to come. Good job at nalampasan nyo lahat ng challenges and complications na hinampas ng panahon. Dahil sa persistence and patience nyo, kabilang kayo sa mga swerteng nilalang. Love can get ugly at times, but it gets even more beautiful each time it survives a storm. Good luck to you, may your love last even longer:)






If you’re single:

Good for you, now you have another chance to meet “the one”. Pero hinay hinay lang, wag masyado atat.  There’s a right time and place, so don’t settle for less. Lawakan ang mata, tenga, at isipan… wag puro puso lang. Learn from past lessons and experiences to avoid the same mistakes. Past is past, forgive and forget, move on na. Tama na kaka emote dyan. Look in the mirror, ikaw parin naman yan diba? Kahit feeling mo durog na ang puso mo and parang zombie kana kung kumilos, well the world didn’t stop turning, now did it? At least diba, humihinga ka parin naman dyan? Kaya cheer up okay? Stop over thinking and analyzing everything. Let go na. Reality cheack. Sumugal ka sa love and you lost. Pero don’t stop there. Rebuild yourself. Get your strength and confidence back, para next time sumugal ka… make sure you win. Hindi naman ata pwede basta talo ka na lang, diba dapat bumawi ka? Eh pano ka manalo kung hindi ka susugal ulit diba?


Thank you for the eyes, I hope nagustuhan nyo po. As usual, wala pong plot ito… sulat ng utak kaya kahit anu na lang maisip. And kung my naasar kasi dami English, at mas type nyo puro Tagalog lang… sensya na po kinder lang na tapos ko sa pinas kaya eto lang kaya ko. I’m sure puro wrong grammar yung Tagalog ko,pero hey, at least I tried.

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    ah ok po..thanks its kinda confusing kci especially newbie aku 🙂

  • missD26

    help nman po, newbie kci aku dito..and just made my first article..i want po sana to publish my article sa facebook, panu ba ang process?

    • killer3yes

      I’m not sure, but I noticed yung mnga popular articles lage na post sa fb ng DF. But I guess you can post your article’s link on your fb wall.

    • killer3yes

      Baka pending pa kaya hindi nag show up sa fb, kase it takes like a week or more bago ma approve yung articles.