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Life is A Fast Lane

About Elisa Bernardo

Just another woman & a little bit more.

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Saddened by the thought that I have lived almost half of my life and yet, there’s still so much left undone. Not much accomplishments, and there’s more left to be desired. This only goes to show that I am far from over with my race to life. I am just not sure if there’s still ample time left.

In life we are in a fast lane. If we don’t speed up we’ll get bumped behind. If we are slow we’ll be over taken from side to side. But reckless imprudence will put us in danger zone. That’s why we still need to observe the rules.

Therefore, we got to move at a steady well calculated phase. Eyes on the road and avoid distractions.  There were times when we  made wrong turns.  It is good that God allowed U-turns. And most of all when we reached a dead end, our tutor is always present during driving lessons, let Jesus take the steering wheel.  He’ll bring us back to the right lane.

I have been to many dead ends, I have been lost more than a dozen times as I race with life. I never get to see the finish line yet, but I always managed to find the starting point to begin all over again.

Life offers infinite possibilities and second chances. All we need is to choose our path and ride on. The chances we missed today is gone forever and what life brings tomorrow is now or never. So grab the opportunity while it is available. Who knows we might hit it this time. It is never to late to live life as long as we are alive.

  • ramil rabi

    Nice…its a sad thought when at the middle stage of life..we think were almost at the end of our existence and realized…we got behind and lots of things needs to be done…easy to say..just live it to the most…and profoundly…ask what is the most important thing left…and matters…maybe family…maybe create something means a lot…maybe spiritual duty or commitment….to find contentment…will give us answer and we dont have to wonder..why and whats ahead…yah..most of us..think at mid-life crisis…just to share.