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Do Filipinos Truly Value Their Freedom?? Does Patriotism Still Matter To The Filipino Leaders and Citizens??

About juniorlayugcagadas

While standing on a beach.. I was mute and silent.. Looking and staring at the sea.. A nice way to relax.. The sea was quite rough.. With steep breaking waves.. I feel a sudden splash of sea water on my face.. Huh, it broke the silence.. I feel the world more beautiful than before And I'm more at peace now... I'm not special, I'm just a simple man, living a simple life and I do my best, doing what I can... Peace Flower Power!

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True patriotism is to know the concept of freedom, and both living it and educate others. It is not blind support for bad behavior of any politician!

Dedicated to my Dear and Beloved Country Philippines.  I am so happy to share my self-composed patriotic poem I created

O My Motherland – Philippines!

 You’re a beautiful country with breathtaking views in the horizon

With clean crystal blue sea, small stone, peaceful white sandy beaches and untouched nature

A vast repository of natural resources and an astounding history culture

Patriotism was the honorable and brave spirit of our forefathers

They fought, bled and died

We must never forget those who sacrificed for the greater good of our motherland

This is our country, our land and our freedom

Now the years have passed, I see the condition of my motherland

There so much pain and suffering

Darkness cries, and watered night with tears in Her eyes

Just think of all the tears lost

And nobody seems to care

Something good might just emerge out from the unbearable condition

At the end of the line

To save those she loves

And those with Beautiful Heart such Humble, Kind, Generous and Sensitive Soul!



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