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Akala mo ba Madaling Malasing?

About Gilbert Miranda

Former Provincial Board Member and International Relations and Trade Officer of the Province of Laguna. Now retired but wishing to be rehired. Artist and occasional writer.

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Do women get drunk too?  When it comes to alcohol, men and women are inherently unequal.  Contrary to common belief, men and women of the same height and weight consuming the same amount of alcohol suffers differently from its effects. Women gets drunk rather more easily because they have a higher proportion of body fat compared to men.  Fat cannot absorb alcohol.  It is concentrated in higher levels of the blood.  Women too, according to David J. Hanson, Ph. D. have less gastric or stomach enzyme that metabolizes and breaks down alcohol before it enters the bloodstream.  Women absorb 30% more alcohol into the bloodstream than men of the same size who drink equal amounts of alcohol.  Practically, women of average size who consumes one drink will have almost the same effect as two drinks for an average-sized man.

The good news is, according to “Alcohol, Problems and Solutions,” contrary to common myth, alcohol is not fattening, and research has demonstrated that for many women, drinking leads to slight weight loss.

Do coffee, eating, drinking lots of water or sleeping ease the effect of alcohol?

There are many beliefs that eating food, drinking caffeine, sleeping it off or walking it off can speed up the sobering process. These are, in fact, just myths. Alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream through the stomach and the small intestine. Eating food just slows down the absorption process. When a person sleeps or walks, alcohol is still being absorbed into the bloodstream. The only thing that has been proven to sober up a person under the influence of alcohol is time.

What are the long-term effects of alcohol in the body? Alcohol can be addictive, leading to alcoholism. A report done at Virginia Tech University states that prolonged use of alcohol can cause memory loss, personality changes, increased susceptibility to diseases and cancer, alcohol-dependent hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver, high blood pressure, heart disease, reduced muscle mass and anemia. In addition, says that drinking alcohol while pregnant can cause fetal alcohol syndrome, mental retardation and physical abnormalities.

Why do wives nag husbands who had drunk one too many? When a man is drunk, he feels tired, sleepy, numb, and out of focus.  His judgment is impaired, thus has the tendency to ignore the wife, refusing to communicate.  This is frustrating to the wife making her think she is not important and this is when she starts blowing off the steam.

Offer her a drink or two, tell her the good news that drinking women lose weight, and since women get drunk faster than men, when she is down and out, she cannot nag anymore… and that also could make her realize that getting drunk is not an easy task.  Hindi madaling malasing!


Author:  Gilbert Miranda