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A Prayer for Us Who Forget

About twentysomething

I am like any other twenty-something not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman type of person who goes through ups and downs, getting a taste of the bitter-sweet circus of life and manage to smile, take a pose, do a selca, and survive. :)

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Heavenly Father,

 I adore you.

 Please pardon my temper as it gets shorter when the sun is up and the heat is on;

It’s hard to part from my pillows and sheets, to open my eyes and stretch my limbs.

There’s nothing on the table yet and no warm water, I bet.


Forgive me for cursing the rain;

Flood is all I could think of, there’s nothing but pain.

Jeepneys and buses soaked and stranded,

Life goes slow, becomes a mess, and leaves me dumbfounded.


I am so sorry that I do not stay home,

I’d like to go outside, shop, dine, watch movies, and buy myself a cone.

I regret the times I wasn’t there when they need me,

All the words left unsaid, all the lies I have said;

Kisses I didn’t give, all the dinners I have missed.

 Please forgive them all for I always forget.


Now I thank you when the sun is up and the heat is on;

It means life goes on.

I breathe once more, I live a day more.


I no longer curse the rain.

I recall those brothers in some parts of the world

Who would die of famine and unbearable heat;

You teach me patience, remind me of discipline,

Moreover, you remind me of love, which the world now is lacking.


Now, I go home early and bond with my family.

No more words left unsaid, there’s laughter and vibrance,

I thank you Father for this one more chance.