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8:7-12. Help, Anyone?

About Mye

How do I describe myself? A freelance journalist, caregiver, tutor, tattoo aficionado, blogger, a mother. Among these, the last is the most fulfilling. The rest are just job descriptions.

Flood in the Philippines (Photo credit: yahoo)

Flood in the Philippines (Photo credit: yahoo)

Some areas of the Philippines have been pounded by heavy rains for several days and has paralyzed Manila. It has been reported on national television, heard over the radio and shared through social media how worse the situation has become. Many are trapped inside their houses if not already on the roofs waiting for rescue. Cars, establishments and hospitals are submerged in water. Roads are not passable and there are risks of overflowing dams and rivers. Sheer terror was felt almost everywhere in Manila and nearby provinces affected by the rampage. Children and elderly people are the primary concerns for immediate evacuation and rescue.

But who can we cling on to for help during this difficult moments? Officials and the local government units monitor and ensure continuous recovery and rescue operations. Volunteers brave the high waters in isolated areas to help evacuate affected people. Mass media continue to give updates on flood situations in different areas through television and radio.  Netizens also give substantial information over Twitter and Facebook. Non-government units, foundations and private citizens gather relief good for our kababayans as well.  Filipinos all over the world continue to pray for the safety of our dear Filipino people. We all plead that He may preserve the lives of many and ease the damages of this horrendous catastrophe. Filipinos hand in hand face the ravage of the typhoon and non-stop flooding. It is through these trying times that we become a solid race. This brings the nation to trust in God amidst the chaos. To our kababayans who lost their properties, who are in need of rescue, who may not sleep due to the flood, who are cold and hungry there is HELP. Don’t lose hope and trust in your most powerful weapon which is PRAYER.

Let us all be brothers and sisters to those who are in need of our HELP.

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  • Jhacque

    kawawa talaga ang NCR….

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    bangon, pilipinas!