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Tying The NOT

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Tying the knot (Photo credit: blogspot)

Tying the knot (Photo credit: blogspot)

Today, we live in a world where pregnancy comes first before marriage. It’s so common that when someone says s/he is getting married, the next question is ‘how many months are you on the way?‘. Should we welcome the PBB teens generation? Oh well..

Sometimes, it makes me wonder if guys still get rejected when it comes to marriage proposals especially when there’s a baby in the equation. Do they even prepare before they pop the big question? Or does the couple just talk about the wedding details? Is it the parents or the couple who decide that they need to get married? Being a parent comes with a huge responsibility. Being a wife/husband is another big responsibility. Are young couples ready to face these challenges head on or are we pushing them to the edge?

Most of the couples I know rush into marriage like they’re in an F1 race just because they’re pregnant. They believe that it is the ‘right’ thing to do, but actually they’re only taking the easy way out. If the couple opts to marry, there are no questions asked, no explanations needed, no complications, no worries and shame. This is where the problem usually starts for marriage doesn’t work that way. I’m not surprised that the need for divorce is rising by the minute. Like, hello? People are marrying for the wrong reasons!

A couple who wants to marry should do it not because of something they have in common nor someone that links them together, it should be done because you want to be with someone for the rest of your life. A special someone who completes you, not someone who completes your day. And sorry to disappoint you guys, but contrary to popular belief, marriage won’t save you from situations you’re running away from. When the church bells ring, it doesn’t mean that you’ll live happily ever after. It means that your journey has just started.

What I want to say is, you can’t correct a mistake with another mistake. We may live in a fast-paced world but it doesn’t hurt to go slow. It is always best to think things over. Whatever situation we’re in, there are options. Though it’s not easy to accept, sometimes it is better not to tie the not.