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The Spaceship Terrifies Me ^^^

About Dennis Susan

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It is a test that uses a magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to make pictures of organs and structures inside the body. It shows problems that cannot be seen with other imaging methods such as x-ray, ultrasound, or computed tomography or CT scan. During the MRI no metals are allowed on the body.

I was placed inside a tube color white that to me looks like a spaceship; I lay down on a small pillow, and was given instruction not to move the body especially the arms and shoulder. My arm was under my butt. I was provided earphone to listen to music. I choose Tchaikovsky to soothe my nerves.

It was okay the first few minutes; after a while despite the music I thought I was on a train ride by the sounds I heard that covered Tchaikovsky.” Tsug, Tsug, tsug, tsug” so loud; to the sound of a sawmill (At Natumolan, Tagoloan where I lived slicing of trees at sawmills are familiar sounds to me)  From the sound of the blade to the train then I heard a sound similar to the clicking of stones. Anxiety and fear gushed. I started opening my eyes with the thought the technician might have forgotten about me.

I saw white everywhere; my lips so dried including my tongue. I could not breathe my chest so heavy as if one sack of rice was on me. Tchaikovsky was no help. Then I remember my prayer” Jesus Crucified cover me with your precious blood”, many times and our father. It seems eternity to me but the prayers made me calm; just when I started to press the button given to me I heard the nurse “we are done”.

I was lowered down and they open the “small plane” and I thought that I regain my own breathe. It was scary for me. The result bursitis and osteoarthritis. I am taking different medications now. It was explained that a bursa is the fluid sac that lies between a tendon and skin. Bursitis is the inflammation of the fluid so I have it.  But the “Filipino” in me” this is ordinary simple case of “piang nga napanohotan”.

Proof when I rub my loyal “haplacios oil” there is no pain. But, of course, I will always follow doctor’s order.   But the “Filipino” in me; this is ordinary” piang nga gipanohotan”. I prove to you, when I rub my loyal “haplacios oil” which Evelyn Nave in New York sent me the pain is gone. Funny, but true and I learned, don’t fear, trust the Lord always and be ready with your “haplas”. But of course I still follow the doctor’s order.

  • Ralien

    Very timely. My brother’s friend will undergo the same test sometime this week. I hope it’s not a serious injury.

    Dennis Susan- get well soon. Don’t forget your “haplas” 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Dennis Susan

      Hello Ralien! tell your brother to go on with the MRI,he must be braver than me(lol.
      )Thanks for the comment.