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The Future Of Nursing

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Argumentatively in today’s world, nurses should be well rewarded and respected. The road to nursing is not easy. To enable nurses to deliver effective and suitable patient-care, they need to have received appropriate training. With the onset of new researches and the development of modern technology, nurses should ensure that their knowledge and skills follow this trend without losing sight of the prime fundamental philosophy of nursing.  The demand of delivering nursing to both the primary and institutionalized setting should highly be praised. In particular, it is important that certain skills and knowledge be required so that the delivery of quality care and support will always be at its highest standards. For these issues to be addressed properly, accurately and timely, each individual should map out their own individual professional development. This will help close the gap that exists and secure their future.

For the nursing profession to survive in the midst of external influence and dictates of common law, it is crucial that nurse should take charge of their own profession and be its instigator, developer and controllers for all things relating to nursing. No one knows nursing best as nurses. Nurses must lead nurses and define the future of nursing.

If nurses are able to maintain the core element of its philosophy, the future of nursing will continue to shine and deliver the essentials of caring, nurturing and protecting the principal needs of the individual in a newly modernized world.

author: Michael Duque



  • reyann red

    the future of nurses must head towards it being recognized by everyone as a professional field as well as vocational, it doesn’t just matter if a nurse have the knowledge, attitude or skills, if he or she is seen as a mere hand maid in healthcare and is not supported or compensated reasonably by the workplace and bosses then this profession will and forever be seen as a least professional field in the world.