Stay in the Loneliness

Loneliness (Photo Credit: Zuleikarhizz.wordpress)
Loneliness (Photo Credit: Zuleikarhizz.wordpress)

Loneliness    (Photo Credit:    Zuleikarhizz.wordpress)
Loneliness (Photo Credit: Zuleikarhizz.wordpress)

The night seems quiet and the cold wind tried to blow me away. It’s really freezing cold, and it made me feel sleepy. It made me feel like more crying. I saw the little orange kitten again in its place from where I saw her in the afternoon.

She meowed at me. Hesitating to climb the stairs without giving her something to ease her loneliness – and I’m sure hunger – I reached for my plastic bag, only to find out that it had only my twin sister’s chips in it and I couldn’t open it. I hesitated another move, but then continued upstairs, leaving her alone.

How does it feel like to be lonely?


Just stay where you are. And let your soul keep growing, while you are suffering. Let your body feel the suffering it must suffer , for it is time. It is destiny. So stay. Stay where you should stay. Even if you think it is unpleasant or harsh. Don’t be afraid. Face it, and your soul will grow and expand in the way you’ll never realize it would. And it is your gateway to another passage that will move you up. Trust me. Someone will move you up. So when the time comes when you can’t endure your stay any longer, that Someone will rescue you.

You’ll be rescued. Sometimes it’s not you anymore. Sometimes you just have to give up and you just have to stay.

Stay. And wait for that Someone who will remove you out of the loneliness.

author:  mariareigns

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