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Raison d’ Etre

About danmeljim

Born in Binmaley, Pangasinan. Grew up in Galas, Quezon City. A graduate of PMA Class of 1977, married to the only woman he has ever loved who bore him 2 daughters and a son. All wonderful human beings. These thoughts reflect the search that one day will end. And that the greatest failure is the one never attempted. Life and other non-essentials as viewed from afar yet always with an open mind. How To Win In Binary Option Video Training 90 Stock Market Charts For Your Website

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5. Joey would ask why go thru life when 100 years after one is gone, nobody would even remember nor care that one walked this earth. What is the essence of it all? The answer can never be without pain. Neither can any answer fully satisfy. Acceptance of what would be, of who one is, of the hand one is dealt, could be peace.

6. Knowing what one wants. Determining as early as possible that,
which one must live by. Such clears the unlimited choices one must
face. Which stone to pick, which rock to throw. We learn lessons by doing. Scraped knees, broken bones, wounded pride, bloodied hearts, not withstanding.

7. Choosing is hard. As the Little Princewould say: ” what is
essential is hidden to the eye.” One basically gropes in the dark for the ideal that could have made a moment, a lifetime. For a commitment so true. For a love that will never die. What one sees are distractions and smoke screens, conflicts and biases. So one goes by with instinct, with intuition, with heart and hope.

8. Raison d’ etre. That which one was born for. Seeking such is no
easy task. Being true to one’s quest remains the real challenge. The search though is never the end. Once found, the reason is just the beginning.

author:   danmeljim


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