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I Stand Against All Odds

Children: Mothers’ Pride

In the Philippines, the country where I came from, marriage conveys reputation and character to the bride; moreover, it brings honor to her family.

Now, I have something to be proud of. I might have lost the fame, school awards and honor, yet a part of me lives well-formed and very healthy. On top of that, I turned out to be a strong woman who believes that everything happens for a reason. What more can I say? Every time my world flips up-side down, I have this little thing named Rafael, who runs around the house, chatters a lot, but most of all, makes me happy when I feel lonely. I love him so much!

When I get home from a long day of work, he will open the door, with arms wide open and a happy face, cheerfully screams, “Mommy!” His small voice makes my entire world feel blessed.

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  • chin08

    you’re a very strong woman.. and i admire you for that.. ^_^
    stay happy and God bless you both(you and your son)..