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Enchanted Night in a Fairy Tale Garden

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Thru my rods and cones, I clearly see d world as a paradise 2 spread the angel's act...enchanted with nature...fascinated with serving humanity...spellbound with astronomy, religion, philosophy and true 2 life " love" stories...I'm so crazy to make laughing as my hobby! But it doesn't mean my life is perfect; I just hate 2 fret ..."a single breath in each second of a day is enough reason to say...thanks God 4 such a precious life" ...spends LIFE serving GOD by LOVING PEOPLE...Human cells lifespan is 2 short, have fun! I only say I luv U f its real... cry over extremes ' super good or super bad'....meow....

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 I thought it was all of the magic, yet I never expect that I would have a fairy tale dream becoming real…seeing and chatting with a real prince is the peak of all magic that night. What is so amazing about his personality is his nice and witty nature.The charisma that draw people is  not because of the blood that runs in his veins, but by the amazing character he emanates.

 It was a tiring day, but  I was enchanted that  even though  I  had only three and half hours of sleep, I was able to wake up to face the real world. The world where I nurse  and caring is all that I could share.

A fairy tale garden….

author:   Bumblebee