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Dolphy, Philippines’ King of Comedy

About Syril Tañala

Syril is a 21 year old Nurse/ Blogger and Guest Writer. She graduated Nursing at St.Scholastica's College-Tacloban and put to use her spare time maintaining her blog website and a lot of other contributing stints (website and radio). She is a Travel Show Host Aspirant, a Photography Enthusiast, with inclinations in Fashion & Home Styling. A lifelong learner.

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Apart from his comicality, the stories of the most ordinary people whose lives were touched by the comedy king moved me to believing that there is a genuinely good person behind those characters portrayed in more than 200 films.

John & Marsha movie sequels, Facifica Falayfay, Markova: Comfort Gay, Da Best in Da West, Tataynik, Hahabul-habol are some, to name a few of his movies that I love.

Dolphy was not at all perfect. But he lived a great life in the way he treated people especially the lowliest ones, in the way he honed his being an actor/comedian, and in the way he loved his family.

“Before, I used to dream of big things. Now I only dream of having my children grow as good people.” puts an actual grown and insightful man, Dolphy.

I only felt this to be told, I cried when I reached home and watched about his death. Call me emotional. Was I affected? It maybe isn’t about being a pansy or being an overly-sensitive-21-year-older. It’s more about having Dolphy as one big part of my childhood and every other ordinary Filipino’s lives that’s taken away.

author:   syril tanala


  • rudy

    Dolphy! Say hi to Marsha and … “Kaya ikaw dyan magsumikap ka.” Dona Delilah! Rest in peace tukayo

    • @Rudy: The Dolphy movies have been aired recently on Cinema 1. It is nice to look back to the beautiful past he has left through his films. People always end up smiling.